VietNam – I almost got run over by a car while I was under the car

Careless situations that can lead to serious consequences in the clip are seen as a valuable lesson.

Many car enthusiasts love to work with cars, from car owners to professionals. However, with any level of skill, safety is always the most important thing. One of the important safety principles is to fix the wheels. This prevents the car from rolling away when you are working with the car, especially when the car is parked on an inclined/steep side.

The situation in the clip below shows how not fixing the car wheel carefully can be dangerous.IssueTurn on audioThời gian hiện tại 0:26/Độ dài 0:40Downloaded: 100.00% Toàn màn hìnhCài đặt

The car repairman was nearly run over by the car while lying under the car (Video: ViralHog).

The video shows an old Chevy Silverado perched on the entrance to the house, with the bonnet open. A foot can be seen protruding from under the car, indicating that someone is lying under it. Then, suddenly there was a loud noise, then the pickup slowly rolled onto the road.

Fortunately, the car repairman lying under the undercarriage was able to retract his legs, so he was not inserted by the car wheel. Then the panicked worker got up and chased and drove the car back.

It appears that the truck did not hit anything or anyone on the road.

By : Linh Tong


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