VietNam – Kim Duyen revealed her surprise after being crowned 2nd runner-up miss Supranational

Kim Duyen’s first job after being crowned the 2nd runner-up of Miss Supranational is to go to the room… eating Vietnamese pho. It is known that she had previously starved to stay in good shape, bursting into flames during the finale.

Kim Duyen unexpectedly won the 2nd runner-up of Miss Supranational 2022 at dawn on July 16 (Vietnam time).

Immediately after the coronation, Kim Duyen shared his first: “Duyen is extremely grateful to represent Vietnam at Miss Supranational 2022. Duyen is proud that his efforts have helped two Vietnamese languages to be named in the international beauty arena and even more honored when Duyen is the 2nd runner-up overall.”

Kim Duyen revealed her surprise after being crowned 2nd runner-up miss Supranational - 1
Kim Duyen was crowned the 2nd runner-up of Miss Supranational (Photo: Facebook character).

“I am grateful that in every moment of the contest there is always everyone’s companionship. And that is the motivation, the strength for Duyen to try harder, fight hard.

I hope that, in the upcoming journey, I will continue to receive the love and support of everyone. Thank you very much for everything,” the runner-up expressed emotionally.

The new runner-up said her feelings were still intact. Kim Duyen expressed her tears, she was happy to break down when she felt everyone’s feelings. Although the finale started late, the home audience stayed up late supporting her.

Kim Duyen also surprised when she revealed that her first job after being crowned runner-up was to go to the Vietnamese noodle room and happily talk to her roommate. Before the exam, she fasted but full of energy as she walked on stage.

A few days before the final, Kim Duyen used to be very hungry for pho but she couldn’t enjoy it to stay in shape. I promise to enjoy this food after I finish the exam.

Before the semi-final night, in a conversation with Miss H’Hen Niê, Kim Duyen said that she had stomach pains, could only eat porridge, take medicine. H’Hen Niê advised the juniors before the exam, eating only a small amount of food, not even eating but only drinking water.

Kim Duyen revealed her surprise after being crowned 2nd runner-up miss Supranational - 2
Kim Duyên phải giữ dáng rất nghiêm ngặt trước chung kết (Ảnh: Facebook nhân vật).

Trước đó, Kim Duyên kể, cô thuộc tạng người dễ lên cân. Để có được số đo chuẩn như hiện tại, cô đã phải nỗ lực tập luyện, theo đuổi chế độ ăn uống khoa học.

Hình ảnh Kim Duyên với hình thể săn chắc cùng đường cong quyến rũ cũng chính là minh chứng cho quá trình cố gắng nghiêm túc của đại diện Việt Nam tại Miss Supranational 2022.

Kim Duyên tiết lộ ngỡ ngàng sau khi lên ngôi Á hậu 2 Hoa hậu Siêu quốc gia - 3
Hình thể đẹp của Kim Duyên khi đến với Hoa hậu Siêu quốc gia (Ảnh: Milor Trần).

Trong hành trình dự thi, Kim Duyên từng mắc phải một nhầm lẫn gây tranh cãi. Cụ thể, trong phần thi Supra Chat ở vòng bán kết, khi được MC hỏi về “nhân vật Disney yêu thích nhất”, người đẹp trả lời bằng tiếng Anh rằng: “Em thích Doraemon. Anh biết về nó không? Đến từ Nhật Bản ấy”.

Kim Duyen’s answer made the male MC bewildered because Doraemon is not a character from Disney. He then responded, “Even if you ask about Disney, you still have the right to talk about your own favorite image. That’s fine too.”

Immediately after this incident, Kim Duyen apologized to her fans, and promised not to make any more mistakes so as not to offend the audience and those who always believed in her.

Kim Duyen’s controversial talkshow answer (Video: Miss Supranational 2022).

Training expert Miss Phuc Nguyen told The People’s Reporter: “Before leaving for the contest, due to being busy as a coach of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Kim Duyen did not have much time to prepare. Later, when she arrived in Poland, she was in reversed time zones, she struggled to adjust her circadian rhythms.

But, Kim Duyen has never lost energy, she is very professional. Kim Duyen was a little biologically out of step at first, but she quickly regained her balance and fulfilled her role well.”

Kim Duyen revealed her surprise after being crowned 2nd runner-up miss Supranational - 4
Kim Duyen is considered to be ripe in terms of beauty, “ripe” both in terms of skills (Photo: Milor Tran).

Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen is the runner-up of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019. She represented Vietnam in Miss Universe International 2021, reaching the Top 16 finalists.

Kim Duyen officially began her Miss Supranational 2022 journey in Poland on June 27, 2022. In the Supra Model competition, she achieved the Top 11 Supra Model and was the Supra Model of Asia. In the end, she became the 2nd runner-up.



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