VietNam – Man bitten to death by venomous tiger snake

While dropping fishing nets, Mr. D. was unfortunately bitten by a snake in the face area leading to his subsequent death.

On May 12, the leader of The People’s Committee of Plugming Late commune, Que Phong district (Nghe An) said that in the area, the man died from a poisonous snake bite while dropping nets.

Earlier, at about 13:30, on May 10, Mr. V.V.D. (SN 1969, residing in Mòng 1 village, Que Phong District Late Plug commune), and a friend went to drop nets in Nam Nhong commune, Que Phong district, when he was unfortunately bitten by a poisonous snake in the face area, near the temples.

Mr. D. and his friend then beat the venomous snake to death and went home. But by about 15:00 on the same day, Mr. D. did not survive.

It is known that the type of snake that bites Mr. D. is a bulging tiger snake, one of the types of snakes with extremely strong toxicity, which can cause necrosis and death in a fast time.




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