VietNam – Overturned car carrying tourists, 3 dead, 10 injured

As it moved downhill, a 29-seat passenger car suddenly overturned towards luy yin, killing 3 people on the spot, injuring 10 people.

On The morning of July 16, information from the Traffic Safety Department of Tan Son district (Phu Tho province) said that authorities in the area are investigating the cause of a serious traffic accident that killed 3 people, many injured last night.

Specifically, at about 22:30 pm on July 15, the 29-seater bus suddenly had an accident in The Fill area, Xuan Son commune (Tan Son district).

At this time, the car departed from Hanoi to Xuan Son National Park, with 28 people on board (including the driver).

By about 1:30 a.m. on July 16, authorities had found 28 people, 10 of whom were injured, 15 were lightly damaged, and three died (including the driver). Soon after, the authorities took the victims to Tan Son District Medical Center for emergency treatment.

Initially, the authorities said, the bus was going downhill when it overturned to negative taluy on the left.

The victims were identified as Zhao Binh Minh (33 years old), Nguyen Gia Phong (9 years old) and driver Lam Quang Truong (unknown age).



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