VietNam – Man in Hanoi had his leg amputated while walking

While walking on the street, the man was suddenly cut off by a man wearing a sunscreen, covered his face, and cut off his leg with a weapon.

On the morning of July 16, talking to Pv Dan Tri, the police chief of Chang tin district, Hanoi said that the unit is handling, investigating, clarifying the case of a man walking on the road suddenly cut off his leg by a subject with a weapon.

Specifically, at about 17:00 on July 15, in Van La Slope, Hong Van commune (Chang tin district, Hanoi), a man wearing a blue shirt was walking on the street when a man wearing a black suit covered his face slashed with a weapon.

As a result, this man had his leg amputated, holding his leg in pain.

After that, the people around him rushed to the victim’s aid.

Receiving the information, the authorities of Hong Van Commune Police and Chang tin District Police sent officers to quickly descend on the scene, protect the scene and together with the people to take the victim to the emergency room.

According to the police of Chang tin district, the victim was named H. (residing in Nature commune, Chang tin district, Hanoi).

The cause of the slashing is being investigated and clarified by the Police of Chang tin District.



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