VietNam – Showbiz -DJ Myno follows the open-chested trend

The trend of showing off sexy breasts and cut-out outfits is applied by Myno in the new photo series.

Designer Bao Bao’s ‘almost broken’ button highlights the sexy mounds of the female DJ. The ultra-short skirt shape helps her show off her long legs.

Indifferent wear is a trend this year favored by Myno to enhance liberal beauty.

The jumpsuit cut off the waist, hugging the body to help Myno show off her chest legs, curves and strong brown skin.

The female DJ wears large earrings, shiny leather boots to complete the look.

Recently, Myno missed the stage, so he decided to return to the DJ profession after retiring from his career, focusing on nurturing his family. “As my children get stronger, I look forward to living my passion. I believe that when I get to do what I love, even if it is difficult, I will overcome it,” she said.

Myno considers himself lucky to have found a loving, understanding partner for his thoughts. Danny Van Bakel himself knew about his wife’s sacrifices for the home, so when she wanted to return to the DJ profession, the former player fully supported her.

Myno said that after announcing her return to DJing, she accepted invitations from many domestic and foreign shows. In the near future, she will tour Germany, England.

Myno’s real name is Nguyen Thi Ngoc My, 30 years old. She started playing music at the age of 17 and used to be the hottest name in the DJ world thanks to her outstanding beauty, sexy body, and bold dress sense. Recently, Myno temporarily suspended art activities, established a media company, real estate business and contributed capital to open a pub in Binh Dinh. Danny Van Bakel – her husband – used to play as a central defender for FLC Thanh Hoa before retiring. He was praised for his handsome appearance and special love for Vietnam



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