VietNam – Showbiz – The series of swimsuits of tens of millions of Compatriots of Huong Giang only showed off once

After the announcement of his farewell to Matt Liu, Huong Giang traveled to Bali for a vacation. The beauty shows off her hourglass curves with dsquared2’s one-piece swimsuit model, priced at 250 Euros (nearly 6 million).

Every vacation, transgender miss always invests in ‘luxurious and genuine’ swimsuits to enhance her hot body. In the picture, Huong Giang wears Moschino’s bodysuit, priced at 415 USD (about 10 million VND).

Versace design with a similar price helps Huong Giang respect her white skin and ‘ant’ waist. One-piece swimsuits are also a favorite type of beauty outfit when going to the beach instead of tiny bikini styles.

The beauty born in 1991 shows off her bulging hips, slender legs with a one-piece swimsuit by Alexander Wang. The trendy neon blue design costs 295 USD (7 million VND) taken by Huong Giang.

For the purpose of ‘virtual living’, branded swimsuits only appear on photos with Huong Giang once. The beauty once showed off her Balmain design, which cost her more than tens of millions of dong to buy.

Dolce & Gabbana’s breast cup design priced at VND 16 million helps Huong Giang show off her feminine beauty.

Louis Vuitton swimsuit priced at 600 Euros (about 15 million VND) was coordinated by Huong Giang with strong jeans to walk the streets during a trip to Europe in June.



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