VietNam – Showbiz – Ha Kieu Anh touches Zhang Bazhi’s dress


Ha Kieu Anh chose designer Tuyet Le’s dress to appear in a fashion event in Ho Chi Minh City in early August. She said she was impressed with the outfit with a delicate design, a body and breasts with gemstones, leather colors, and femininity.
“Tuyet Le shared that the dress was created from high-quality materials. The designer herself has put a lot of effort into completing this ‘brainchild’,” she said.




Miss Vietnam 1992 wears transparent makeup in tune with the color of the outfit. She was praised for her elegance, glamour and stood out in the midst of the event.



Ha Kieu Anh poses for a photo with Designer Tuyet Le.



Earlier, Hong Kong singer and actress Zhang Bazhi wore this dress on the cover of an international magazine. She was said to bring a different shade to the outfit thanks to her ‘apricot crane’ physique.



‘Cecilia is as beautiful as a goddess. The cascading, glittering details on the dress contribute to her haughty beauty,” the designer said. Tuyet Le saw that Miss Ha Kieu Anh and actress Truong Ba Chi each had different personalities and styles. But when wearing this same dress, they all exude grace but no less strength, expressing feminism.



Tuyet Le was present at Zhang Bazhi’s photo shoot to assist her in adjusting her outfit. She said she was happy when the Hong Kong actor expressed her love for her design.



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