VietNam – Showbiz – Phan Minh Huyen shows off her hourglass body with an open bikini

After giving birth, Phan Minh Huyen still retained her sexy physique. With an hourglass body, the actress wears sexy clothes, especially open bikinis.

This summer, the ‘Sunny Day’ beauty diligently checked-in at the resorts with skimpy clothes.

The beauty born in 1990 prefers tiny bathing suit designs to highlight full breasts, slim waists standard hourglasses.

With a waist of only about 59 cm, Phan Minh Huyen wears a toning outfit. In ‘Sunny Day’, the beauty is ordered by the stylist to sew a series of outfits to fit the second round of the ‘ant’.

The mother-of-one is often praised by her friends for her hotness when wearing a bikini with high hips.

With a monokini design that hides indifference, Phan Minh Huyen respects his vibrant physique.

The actress invested in a series of cut-out bathing suits, hitting the first and third rounds.

The height of 1.64 m and a balanced weight of 48 kg help the mother of one conquer the designs that are difficult to wear.

To keep her body neat and toned, Phan Minh Huyen says she focuses on daily eating as well as exercise. Her tight work schedule also made it difficult for her to gain weight.

The beauty made headlines when she wore a gouged bathing suit, proving her skin without stretch marks after childbirth.



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