VietNam – Showbiz – Jun Vu invests in a series of open-breasted clothes to go on vacation

Jun Vu wore a tiny bikini during a vacation in Quy Nhon.

Since the first round of ‘cutlery’, Jun Yu has been very diligent in his bathing suit. The outfit maximizes the 27-year-old beauty’s hourglass figure.

Every time he goes on vacation, Jun Vu always invests in a series of sexy dresses, highlighting the first round.

During this trip to Quy Nhon, the actress constantly changed a variety of outfits, honoring her slender body.

Wide dresses of bib neck style are suitable for girls with thin shoulders like Jun Yu.

The actress graced the gentle ring with a two-string design.

The beauty born in 1995 bought another bib-necked dress with neon pink tones, a fluffy cascading design.

The outfit is also worn by Jun Vu in a non-lingerie way, helping her to enhance her physical beauty.

With a triple measurement of 80-58-88 cm and a weight of 45 kg, Jun Vu conquered many types of dresses with designs that are difficult to wear.



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