VietNam – Showbiz – Ky Duyen transformed her body when wearing a bikini thanks to losing 6 kg

Ky Duyen was praised by many viewers during a recent vacation. She wears a simple bikini, highlighting her ‘fat-free’ body. Thanks to the loss of 6 kg, Ky Duyen easily conquers open clothes.

When sitting, Ky Duyen exposes her abdominal groove and her toned muscles. Currently, the beauty maintains a waistline of about 59 cm, slender and strong limbs.

Miss Vietnam 2014 is proud of the results of training after nearly a year of hard work ‘plowing’ the gym, combining a scientific diet. Not only has a waist, Qi Yan also has a flourishing third ring.

Ky Duyen started the ‘shape’ work last year. When she first trained for about half a year, she lost about 5 kg, her body was neater.

Compared to Qi Yan’s previous physique, she was commented as ‘molting’. The beauty born in 1996 once pursued a vibrant beauty with a full first round, a ‘fleshy’ body.

She also upgraded the first round to make her physique sexier, especially when wearing open clothes.

Previously, Ky Duyen was nicknamed ‘Fat Bear’ because of his rather plump physique. Her current body looks ‘drier’ but strong and very slender.

Having a clear waist, Ky Duyen when successfully losing excess fat looks even hotter.



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