VietNam – Showbiz – Van Van Thuong sunny day to turn bride with wedding dress tightened waist

When the film “Sunny Day” is gradually coming to an end, the audience is looking forward to a wedding between the character Van ‘Ba Dot’ (played by Ngoc Huyen) and the ‘teacher’ Dong Phong (played by Doan Quoc Dam). Before knowing the end of this couple, Van Van ‘Ba Dot’ was soon transformed into a bride in the summer and autumn wedding dress collection of Designer Quyen Nguyen.

She wore designer dresses with sparkling sequins, lace, silk inspired by shades of white lilies. The dresses go from the shades of lilies at the time of blooming to the outpouring of raw plastic.

Talking more about the collection, the designer said that the lilies symbolize the innocence and virtue of the woman, which is the image she feels suitable for a new bride. “When you send someone a bouquet of lilies, you’re praying for them joy and prosperity. And I send brides lilies-based designs such as wishing happiness,” Quyen Nguyen said.

In this collection, Designer Quyen Nguyen uses the technique of erecting a corset to shape 16 frames to squeeze the bride’s waist from 6 to 8 cm, helping brides realize their dream of having an ant waist.

The wedding dress makes actress Ngoc Huyen feel like a ‘fairy princess’ in the flower garden. The dress is designed to help the bride show off her collarbone, skillfully covering large bicep defects.

The A-shaped outfit is inspired by the time the lilies bloom, suitable for garden weddings. The neck dress is carefully calculated and layered for maximum visual absorption. Stone beads were scattered on the top of the skirt to create a bright catch as the bride strode through the hall.

Beaded wedding dresses create accents on a see-through fabric background.

Gown’s ball gown dress simulates the image of a lilies bursting with a bright scent. The dress mixes many materials, styling the neck two in a deep chest to help thoroughly enhance the sensuality of the bride.

The outfit is made from silk and embossed floral motifs for brides who prefer the minimalist wedding dress style of European royal princesses. The flared dress model has the support of a skirt.

The fishtail dress helps the bride show off her full physique, the curves are clearly visible.

Quyen Nguyen refreshed her basic fishtail dress with long arms studded with feathers, erecting frames to squeeze her waist.

The back is a V-gap to show off the bride’s fair complexion.

The series was made by the Model team: Actor Ngoc Huyen, Costumes – Photo: Quyen Nguyen Bridal.



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