VietNam – Showbiz – Li Yanqi cried on television: “Let Qingyuan live once!”

Ly Nha Ky was confirmed to be the female lead in the special episode of “Who is that person?”. This not only surprised the audience but also made MC Tran Thanh emotionally moved.

The special episode “Who is he?” airing this week is highly anticipated by many viewers. In the trailer, initially, viewers were “confused” when the show had 5 mentors, including Minh Tu, Matoom (Thailand), Hong Ngoc, Song Luan, Ly Nha Ky without revealing the female lead.

While the advisors and guests were discussing who the main character was, Li Yanqi stood up and walked to the “hot seat”. This was a moment that surprised everyone present in the studio, even MC Tran Thanh did not know it in advance.

The moment he confirmed that the heroine of the special episode “Who is he?”, Li Yanqi couldn’t hide his emotion. She stood up and hugged MC Zhencheng, causing him to shed tears as well.

Li Yanqi cried on television: "Give Qingyuan a life! - 1
Everyone in the studio was surprised when Li Yanqi became the female lead (Image: Screenshot).

Li Yanqi cried on television: "Give Qingyuan a life! - 2
Zhencheng shed tears of emotion (Image: Screenshot).

Talking about her decision to become the female lead of the show, Li Yanqi burst into tears and said, “Ky refused and struggled. Yesterday, Ky still refused because he could not overcome himself, was not ready for the tears about himself to be shed in a place that everyone would see…”

After all the concerns, Li Nha Ky decided: “Ky wants to sit here, as a heroine Thanh Nhan (real name of Ly Nha Ky – PV). Let Qi once step out of safety, let Qingyuan live once. Don’t call Li Yanqi, because if you call Li Yanqi in this position, then reason will reappear.”

Zhencheng added: “I don’t know what the outside thinks of Ky, who will probably be a haughty, luxurious, strong, personality woman. And Ky has always been that way, never done otherwise. But when I talked to Ky, I saw that this woman was very childish, very vulnerable, weak and hungry to be loved.”

Li’s appearance on the “hot seat” of “Who is that person?” immediately caused a stir among netizens and anxiously waiting for this special episode to air.

Li Yanqi cried on television: "Give Qingyuan a life! - 3
Li Yanqi surprised by sitting on the “hot seat” of the program “Who is that person?” (Photo: Supplied Character).

In 2019, Ly Nha Ky announced her breakup with her boyfriend, whom she had been secretly dating for 9 years. This was a serious relationship so when she stopped, she felt empty, sad.

Over the past time, Li Yanqi insisted that she was still alone. In an interview with Dan Tri in June, the beauty said she now has a place, has a lot of life experience, so she is even more cautious in choosing a partner. Li Yanqi conceived, choosing men in virtue, not in achievement. “Men have virtues, are never failures and useless,” the actress said.



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