VietNam – Showbiz – Ly Nha Ky choked on tears, was actively acquainted by the Overseas Vietnamese boy

Appearing as the female lead of “Who is that person?”, Ly Nha Ky had a surprise pairing that broke the whole studio.

After the “teaser” about Li Yanqi’s special appearance in the female lead chair, episode 13 of the show “Who is that person?” aired on the evening of 12/8 attracted a lot of curiosity from the audience.

Coming to the show, Ly Nha Ky is called Thanh Nhan, wishing to find his “other half” with the help of MC Tran Thanh and a cast of mentors: Supermodel Minh Tu, actor Song Luan, singer Hong Ngoc and DJ from Thailand – Matoom.

This is also the rare time the actress has publicly participated in a pairing show. The “extreme” cast for her are young men, active in many fields.

Ly Nha Ky choked on tears, was actively acquainted by overseas Vietnamese boys - 1
Ly Nha Ky with the mentors of “Who is he?” episode 13 (Photo: Organizers).

Ly Nha Ky choked on tears, was actively acquainted by overseas Vietnamese boys - 2
The beauty of the “extreme product” in the special episode (Photo: Organizing Committee).

Going through the rounds of research, the actress “Kieu Fei and the Giants” had to make a decision to give the bouquet to the only guy. However, before this important moment, she hesitated, did not dare to move forward, and went to MC Zhencheng, sobbing.

The “Godfather” actor immediately “untangled”, actively asking the remaining 3 boys on the stage who wanted to step up to take the bouquet from Li Yanqi’s hand. The whole auditorium seemed to burst when the Thai Khoa guy boldly did it.

Ly Nha Ky choked on tears, was actively acquainted by overseas Vietnamese boys - 3
Ly Nha Ky burst into tears in the moment of pairing (Photo: Organizers).

At the bottom, the cast of advisors can’t help but be nervous. Supermodel Minh Tu stood still and affirmed: “Must be green (single – PV), it is impossible not to be green!”.

Not disappointing everyone, The Viet Kieu Thai Khoa officially announced that he is currently single. He said he came to Germany at the age of one and just flew back to Vietnam 2 weeks ago with the desire to find true love.

Thai Khoa took over the family business but also tried to create his own career. Currently, the guy owns a culinary restaurant in Germany. Coincidentally, Ly Nha Ky said she also spent 7 years living and working in Germany. This makes many people think that the two have a “fateful relationship”.

Ly Nha Ky choked on tears, was actively acquainted by overseas Vietnamese boys - 4
Ly Nha Ky has found single guy Thai Khoa (Photo: Organizer).

When he was invited to comment on Li Yanqi, Tai Yao was so confused that he had to ask for a little more time to calm down. On the contrary, Li Yanqi saw Tai Khoa’s sincerity, and said, “Maybe she is a safe, sincere person. At first, when you spoke in Germany, I was quite surprised. What you say in German you understand, but don’t want to tell you.”

The “Queen of Diamonds” confided that she did not like to go back to Germany because of the time she spent there, she was really immature and had to be away from her family for a long time, so she used to be sad and cry a lot. The loneliness and coldness and unhappy memories of the past in the land of people made the actress hesitate to give flowers to Thai Khoa.

Although Li Yanqi had found the right single guy, both she and her partner were confused and shy. The Viet Kieu said he would try his best to make Thanh Nhan happy.

Before finding “true love”, Ly Nha Ky was famous as a successful, talented beauty but still “odd” in Vietnamese showbiz. In an interview with Dan Tri in June, Li revealed his ideal type of boyfriend: “When I meet a man who appreciates their love and feelings, they love the bad, the good is enough. The choice of men is in virtue, not in achievement because to create achievement must be due to will and virtue. Men have virtues, they are never failures and useless.”



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