VietNam – Showbiz – Ngoc Anh 3A tearfully remembers the heart past as “choked”

Ngoc Anh said she couldn’t hold back tears because of the emotions of the audience. Ngoc Anh once was so afraid that she did not dare to return to Hanoi because every time she returned, she felt her heart was choked.

Marking a new normal in the capital’s music life after more than two years of epidemic, the live concert “Returning to the Day of Love” took place on the evening of July 1 with the participation of four singers Bang Kieu, Ngoc Anh 3A, Tung Duong and Quang Dung attracted a large audience.

The program is divided into two parts: “Return” with nostalgic songs about “a time of bombs, a time of peace” such as: Dear Hanoi City (Phu Quang), Windy Hair stopped flying (Tran Tien), June rain (Nguyen Sa – Hoang Thanh Tam), Separately a corner of the sky (Ngo Thuy Hien), Not by autumn (Phu Quang), The best summer

Ngoc Anh 3A tearfully remembers the past heart as choked - 1
Singer Ngoc Anh was touched during his return to the Capital (Photo: Hoa Nguyen).

The second part entitled “Love is full” describes the different emotions when falling in love of a person who has been attached to Hanoi with: Then tomorrow I take you away (Vu Khanh), Flow to the river – Can’t and can (Vice Duc Phuong), The last unnamed song (Vu Thanh An), Murder in the dream (Pham Duy), Because I love you (Phan Duy Anh)…

As the only female singer on the night and also a singer of Phu Quang music, Ngoc Anh 3A did not make the expectations of the audience useless.

Returning to the Opera House after a period of absence due to the epidemic, her singing is more like skin when expressing Phu Quang’s painful love for Hanoi through Hanoi Night Silence, the purity of the original love with the rainy June.

In the second part of the show, she was gutted when she sang about the sufferings to the end in love with Romance 2 (Phu Quang), The Last Unnamed Song (Vu Thanh An) and The Murder of dreams (Pham Duy).

The singer sings while reminiscing about the past. Ngoc Anh once was so afraid that she did not dare to return to Hanoi because every time she returned, she felt her heart was choked when each row of trees and streets reminded her of the old pain.

Ngoc Anh 3A tearfully remembers the past heart as choked - 2
Singer Ngoc Anh shed tears on stage (Photo: Hoa Nguyen).

It took her a few years to find balance and now she could sing about both suffering and happiness safely.

When singing Murder in a Dream, Ngoc Anh tried to suppress her emotions so as not to cry but by the end of the performance, when the audience clapped incessantly, she was in tears.

Instead of going into the chicken wing like the script, she stood back for a moment to look at her audience and then turned to the band to signal and sang another passage: “Murder in a dream / Or keep the dreamer / Or keep the dreamer “.

Ngoc Anh’s duet with the other three male singers is also the highlight of the show. She exploded when she teamed up with Tung Duong in the performance of Flowing the River – Impossible and possible.

The two musical personalities are intense but do not overwhelm each other. They make the audience so excited to “go to the field”, like two fires burning together.

Earlier, Ngoc Anh and Tung Duong worked hard to practice for this performance in memory of the musician Vice Duc Phuong. The singer divided sentences and rafts for the juniors and was happy that they both worked well in musical thinking, artistic aesthetics as well as professional ability in how to handle the song. They both know how to control their emotions to lift each other up while honoring the two works of the late talented musician.

Ngoc Anh also recreated his familiar duet and Bang Kieu on with the song “A corner of the sky” on the capital stage. Growing up at the same time and having many years of combining on the overseas stage, the two singers harmonized and acted very well.

They are like a couple of sweet lovers on stage when singing and giving each other love gestures. The singer also collaborated with Quang Dung through the romantic chorus of Ngo Thuy Hien.

In Return to the Day of Love, Tung Duong brings a completely different image but still shows the class that is difficult to mix. At the beginning of the show, he made the space become quiet, bringing the audience into the world of nostalgia when singing “Dear Hanoi Street” and there was Tung Duong calm, full of depth and not up in the field as usual.

Ngoc Anh 3A tearfully remembers the past heart as choked - 3
Ngoc Anh teamed up with Tung Duong on stage (Photo: Hoa Nguyen).

After that, he like to chat with the audience through the song “Windy Hair” to connect the nostalgic emotions about Hanoi in the first part of the program and describe the romantic, innocent love of the new love of Lac Love (Le Minh Son – Phong Huyen) in the second part.

The singer continues to restrain himself in elegant, low-color outfits when with Bang Kieu, Quang Dung harmonizes his voice And tomorrow I take him away in the style of a gentleman.

Ngoc Anh 3A tearfully remembers the past heart as choked - 4
Singer Quang Dung – Bang Kieu – Tung Duong (Photo: Hoa Nguyen).

Out of contemplation, deeply, Tung Duong made the audience excited and clapped wildly when asking “Do you want Tung Duong to go to the field?” Returning to the version without having to be rough, he sings The Day Without a Storm (Bui Lan Huong) and duet Flowing to the River – Can’t and can with Ngoc Anh.

Ngoc Anh 3A tearfully remembers the heart past as choked - 5
Singer Tung Duong (Photo: Hoa Nguyen).

Bang Kieu also showed diverse images on the stage Return to the day of love with completely new remixes made by Son Thach when solo many songs are rarely performed Not by autumn, I’m gone, Thao awake for me, Love like leaves fly far … The singer said he’s excited to sing new mixes, make a difference and let himself never repeat himself every time he meets an audience.

Ngoc Anh 3A tearfully remembers the heart past as being strangled - 6
Singers Ngoc Anh and Quang Dung (Photo: Hoa Nguyen).

Returning to the Capital stage, Quang Dung is happy to feel the great love of the audience. I’m passionate about singing And I’m passionateBecause I love you and Sorry with the new mix next to the duet with Ngoc Anh and the trio with Bang Kieu, Tung Duong.

Holding on to the audience until midnight, the four artists concluded the show with the song “Remember Hanoi Autumn” to endless applause. After the show, Ngoc Anh said she couldn’t hold back tears because of the audience’s feelings and was happy to be sublimated.



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