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In the midst of the noisy “storm center”, actor Hong Dang has blocked his Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers.

“Hong Dang” became the most searched keyword on Google in Vietnam on July 1, when there were over a million searches for the keyword.

The “Sunny Day” actor was “called back” when foreign media reported that two Vietnamese artists were accused of raping a 17-year-old British girl.

Although there have not been any conclusions from the authorities, the identities of the two artists are still hidden, but the fact that Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh have just checked – in posting photos in Spain and the fact that they are the same age as the two characters are reported makes some people unprovoked turn to … Attacking the profile of the actor Hong Dang.

At noon on July 1, Hong Dang’s personal page with hundreds of thousands of followers was still active but at the end of the day the actor played his personal Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers and no statements.

However, the actor’s Instagram with more than 11,000 followers as of July 2 is still active and kept up to date with the images of Hong Dang during his recent trip to Europe.

On the side of actress Hong Dang’s wife was also flooded by netizens on her personal page and left mixed comments so she also quietly closed Facebook.

Earlier, on June 30, on her Facebook page, the actor’s wife shared a photo of her youngest daughter. She said her daughter missed her father so much that she cried to the red eyes… The sharing of Hong Dang’s wife at that time made many people excited.

A few days ago, actor Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh shared images from a trip to Italy and Spain. The two artists took advantage of a golfing session on the island of Majorca (Spain) and expressed interest.

Also during the trip to Europe, the actor Hong Dang had a problem. He lost his phone and had to use another number to contact his wife at home.

It is known that Hong Dang has not yet returned to Vietnam. The media and the Hanoi Drama Theater have not been able to contact Hong Dang. Pv Dan Tri also tried to contact his wife Hong Dang but could not.

Regarding the incident, pv Dan Tri also previously reported that VTV has notified the units in the Station requesting to review the production/monitoring programs, replace or cut the program related to actor Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh on VTV.

“Weekend Date” season 2 is scheduled to air the first issue on July 2 with the guest of actor Hong Dang. However, according to the source of Pv Dan Tri, the program will change. The first guest was actor Lan Phuong.

The films starring Hong Dang were replayed on VTV on July 1 also abruptly replaced by other films.

Hong Dang (full name Le Hong Dang), was born on October 6, 1984 in Hanoi, yen Bai hometown). Hong Dang is known for the film “Rainbow of Love” starring with Hong Diem. After that, he constantly appeared on VTV broadcasts with the image of the elegant and masculine “marshal” such as: “Youth”, “Zippo, mustard and you”, “Rose on the left breast”, “Sunflower against the sun”…



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