VietNam – Showbiz – Ngoc Huyen Thuong on a sunny day to wear an elegant dress

Ngoc Huyen modeled photos, introduced a collection of simple, elegant designs, gentle colors.

The actress wore a pastel blue dress that combined with watch accessories, high heel sandals in harmony.

The classic white lace, hand-held dress embellishes the gentle, feminine image for Ms. Yes of ‘Sunny Day’.

Ngoc Huyen said she prefers plain color designs, discreet styles, sewing to fit the body.

Born in 1999, of Gen Z, the actress identifies herself as the type of person who loves both traditional and modern values. The beauty advocates choosing outfits that reconcile these two factors.

Checkered patterns and blue colors are said to be suitable for men but still help girls exude a melodic look thanks to their pretty designs.

Ngoc Huyen said she is passionate and knowledgeable about fashion because this is the field she is studying at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts. The actress spent a long time modeling for designers, fashion brands before coming to the seventh art.

The youngest Van Van of ‘Sunny Day’ stands out with pink dresses – the trend of this summer.

The 9X beauty shows off her bare shoulders when wearing a shoulder-length design. Ngoc Huyen suggests combining silver shoes, sandals and jewelry accessories with white dresses.

The leaf-patterned shirt with wide-legged trousers and brown handbags embellishes the actress’s dynamic, well-groomed image.

Young, stylish actress with a gold ton-sur-ton waist crop top with leather handbags.

The long-sleeved bow tie and shorts help Ngoc Huyen show off her slim legs when modeling.

“After the success of ‘Sunny Day’, I am aware of the need to take care of my appearance and dress more to refresh myself and respond to the love of the audience,” Ngoc Huyen said.



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