VietNam – Showbiz – Quynh Kool used to be sad and short when she ‘got down to her hair’ for her new role


In order to best embody the role in the new film, Quynh Kool accepts to cut her long hair that has stuck with her over the years.

Happy Garage is the film that follows The Sunny Day, which will air on August 8. The first images of the heroine Son Ca (played by Quynh Kool) have just been revealed that have attracted the attention of the audience.

Unlike the feminine, stylish image that has been shown before, in the happy Garage, Quynh Kool completely transforms from appearance to personality. She has short hair, personality dress, more dusty. Son Ca is portrayed as a vivacious, cheerful girl who always thinks positively and optimistically to overcome difficult circumstances. Sharing with VTC News, Quynh Kool said the role was a completely new experience, a different image that she wanted to send to the audience.

Quynh Kool used to be sad, fell short when he 'got down to his hair' for his new role - 1
Quynh Kool used to be sad, fell short when he 'got down to his hair' for a new role - 2
Creation of Quynh Kool as Son Ca.

The most noticeable change in Quynh Kool’s new role is her hair. She once uploaded a video of herself cutting off her long smooth hair. Although she was quite sad and frustrated when she made this decision, after really getting into the character, the actress found it completely worth it. ”Only with this hair can Son Ca be perfected to get closer to the audience,” said Quynh Kool.

”In this role, I’m looking forward to experiencing a different character, but I’m also afraid that I’m not performing well? What I want in Son Ca is to be able to bring a new character that is really close to the audience. So I hope to get a lot of feedback from my colleagues and the audience when the film airs,” the actress said.

Quynh Kool was born in 1995, grew up from roles in sitcoms such as Sticky Cream, Loa Ward and then to a series of supporting roles of VTV ”golden hour” movies such as Quynh doll, Bride order, Balanha Inn, Sunflower against the sun… 2021 marked a major turning point for Quynh Kool when she took the lead role in the film Let’s Say Love, which was also the first major role in her acting career.

Quynh Kool used to be sad, fell short when he 'got down to his hair' for his new role - 3

These strides show Quynh Kool’s relentless efforts through each role. But besides the compliments, she was also criticized for her stiff voice, some expressions were not met.

Responding to VTC News, Quynh Kool affirmed that she always absorbs the opinions of the audience, especially professional comments, and still always practices, never neglecting to cultivate herself every day. Commenting on her own change after many years in the profession, Quynh Kool said, her biggest difference right now is her inner calmness. In addition, her outlook on life also became positive, which helped her to have a calmer view before everything that happened in life.

Asked about an acting award that she wants in the future, Quynh Kool said: ”Of course for actors, getting a certain professional award is a great joy and source of encouragement, also a concrete testament to their efforts. But I think that either way, everything takes time as well as enough causes and conditions to achieve. Right now for me, the love and support of the audience is the most valuable reward I’ve always longed for.”

There is one thing about Quynh Kool that has never been controversial, which is the fashion style on screen. Her everyday images also regularly receive ”rain” compliments from her fans. On her personal page, Quynh Kool often posts multi-style photos, from elegant, charming to dynamic and personality. She argues that actors can’t forever ”nail” an image, or just stay true to a style.

Quynh Kool used to be sad, fell short when he 'got down to his hair' for his new role - 4
Quynh Kool used to be sad, fell short when he 'got down to his hair' for a new role - 5
Quynh Kool can ”weigh” any style.

In addition to the rumors of ”fake love movies” with male co-stars who have collaborated, all information about Quynh Kool’s romance seems to be quite ”scarce”. Sharing about the ideal boyfriend model, Quynh Kool insists that she does not have a fixed standard.

”If I ask about my desire for the other half, I hope it will be a mature, refined person who will always support me at work. That’s it, there’s not much, right? At the moment I am focusing all my energy on work, but not so that I am not looking forward to romance. Maybe during my hard work, I met my causes and conditions,” the actress confided.



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