VietNam – Giving love to feral cats, Hong Nhan not only carries, takes care of, but also gives birth by himself, spending money to build a nursery for his special friends.

Nguyen Hong Nhan (born 1991, in District 7, HCMC) HCM) identifies himself as a cat fanatic. This love began in 2015, when he was in a military environment.

Seeing abandoned cats is saving!

During his time in military service, he once marched with his comrades, wearing a 20kg backpack on his shoulder, but when he saw a flock of abandoned kittens, Nhan did not bother but asked the leader to bring back the foster unit. “When I first brought it back, the kitten hadn’t even opened its eyes. I gave them milk and rice to feed and watched them grow day by day,” Nhan shared.

Just like that during 2 years of military service, The Postman carried about 20 cats. The orchard, vegetable garden in the unit is used by him as a playground for his cats. He and his teammates also spent time sharing with the special “four-legged friends” he had saved.

Every day, he takes advantage of completing the assigned tasks well, free time, taking care of and having fun with cats. Over time, the whole unit also loved and created comfortable conditions for him to carry wild cats around the unit.

Demobilized back home, Nguyen Hong Nhan still retains his love for cats. He fasted, fasted for money and continued to carry abandoned cats. His parents constantly protested because not only was Nhan’s income unstable, but his family was also difficult and in debt.

“I was very opposed to his mother in the beginning. The first cat Nhan brought back to carry me was not even homeless. But seeing that I love cats so much, I love them too. Watching Nhan go to charity, carry, support for cat rescue stations, I also see the meaning”, Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa (71 years old, Nhan’s father) confided.

Talking about the most memorable memory with the abandoned cats, Nhan shared: “One day when I went to the gym, I saw 2 styrofoam boxes thrown at the top of the alley, opened inside were ten cats who had not yet opened their eyes, so they brought them back to carry. I thought I wouldn’t be able to live, but luckily we’re all healthy.”

The guy who 'set up a nursery, worked as a midwife' for wild cats - 2
Support and charity activities are carried out regularly by Nhan.

“Cats often give birth at night, so there are days when I have to stay up all night to help give birth. In many cases, if a cat gives birth backwards or a kitten is located across the abdomen, it must be carefully clawed to push the kitten away. If you can’t do it anymore, you have to have surgery,” Mr. Nhan said.

Building a “nursery” for cats

Realizing that the rescue of feral cats in a spontaneous fashion did not bring high results, in January 2017, Nhan decided to form the group “Cat Fanciers Club”. This is a gathering place for people who have a special love for cats, are ready to rescue, take care of abandoned cats.

After 2 years of operation, his group has attracted more than 100,000 members across the country to participate. The group’s mode of operation mainly takes place through social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo. Every month, the group also organizes Offline sessions to exchange, share experiences and conduct rescue and charity activities.

The guy who 'set up a nursery, worked as a midwife' for wild cats - 3
The total cost of building a nursery for cats costs more than 300 million VND.

“In addition to rescuing and taking care of feral cats, we also often buy food, medicine, cat care supplies to donate to rescue stations. Every month, we also implement rice distribution activities, distributing food to the homeless,” Nhan shared.

With the desire to build the best living environment for cats, in early 2019, Nhan decided to renovate, dedicating two floors in his house to make a “nursery” for cats. The lovely space of the “nursery” was designed and constructed by him in one hand. Decorative toys and dry branches are meticulously selected by him so that the cats can have fun comfortably.

“Many young people with busy jobs also often bring cats to send at the nursery for me to take care of at a cost of 50,000 VND / day. This money is used by me to contribute funds, carry out rescue activities, buy cat supplies or charity,” Mr. Nhan said.

In addition to feeding, cleaning, Nhan also spends time inventing, designing models, toys for cats. In particular, he also trained cats to be able to sit on motorcycle saddles, follow the owner to walk the streets …

The guy who 'set up a nursery, worked as a midwife' for wild cats - 4
Exchanges and meetings are organized by Nhan to spread the love of cats.

Currently, in addition to being the President of The Cat Fanciers Club, Nhan is also the Vice President of VietNam Feline Club – an organization affiliated to WCF (World Cat Federation ). Therefore, in addition to rescue and carrying cats, Nhan also participates in organizing events and contests for cats to spread the love for this pet.

In the coming time, he and his team members plan some activities such as festivals related to dogs and cats and Halloween Pets to create a playground for pets across the country.




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