VietNam – Showbiz – The life of Hien Mai and her son in the early days in America

Hien Mai took her children to the US to study abroad from the beginning of 8 months. On 8/29, Tony – the actress’s son – enrolled in a university in California and gradually settled into a new life.

Hien Mai said she is currently staying at a sister’s house. The actress showed off the mother’s room carefully prepared by her sister, decorated with her family image, creating a feeling of coziness and familiarity.

“I was moved to tears as I entered my new living space. My sister not only invited my mother and daughter to her house, but also took care of us every little bit. Since my son and I don’t have a driver’s license, he has to drive us here and there every day. The care and love of relatives and friends makes me feel happy and secure when settling in the US”, Hien Mai said.

The actress said that now every day, she only stays at home cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of her children and going to school to take the driver’s license exam.

Hien Mai went to the kitchen to show off her talent for making a forte of elderberry cooked in a pan with fried chicken wings with fish sauce.

The actress’s son loved this dish of his mother’s.

Hien Mai said her son got acquainted and integrated into life in the US very quickly because every year, Tony visits relatives.

“Just recently, Tony took advantage of going to the live show of two famous singers Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. A few days ago, the mother and daughter came together to enjoy the concert of Italian singer Lan,” Hien Mai said.

Hien Mai and her son gathered for dinner with their sister’s family in their California home where they live.

On weekends, the son did not have to go to school, the mother and son wore white ton-sur-ton to visit and see the scenery. Hien Mai and her son pose for a photo in the Harbor of Newport Beach.

The actress said that after arranging everything temporarily for her child, on October 1, she will return to Vietnam to take care of the long-term settlement procedure in the US. “My husband still has a job in Vietnam, so he can’t stay with his wife and children. I also because he recently decided to settle in the United States. My first goal now is for the mother and daughter to quickly study and get a driver’s license in the US to get around. After that, I plan to buy a house near my child’s school,” Hien Mai said.

The actress and her son enjoyed a walk, in close contact with flocks of mallards feeding by a lake.

According to Hien Mai, she is very comfortable psychologically, not under economic pressure because she has solid financial conditions, enough to take care of her son’s long-term education in the US.

Hien Mai shows off her middle-aged beauty during a visit to Washington, D.C., in early September.

Celebrating American Labor Day, on 5/9, Hien Mai dated a Vietnamese sisterhood in the US to charter a boat to hang out and watch the sea.

The actress excitedly enjoyed a seafood party at a coastal restaurant in California.



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