VietNam Showbiz – Thuy Tien worked with a lawyer when she was accused of a $15,000 prostitution case

On September 7, Le Hoang Long, 31, was prosecuted and taken into custody by the Criminal Police Department to investigate prostitution brokering. Long is accused of brokering “two famous showbiz girls” to sell sex for $15,000 each. The two beauties, identified by the police as T.H and T.T,, participated in beauty pageants. After the incident, on social media, many viewers speculated about the identities of T.T. and T.H, because their names were abbreviated by the authorities. Miss International Peace 2021 Thuy Tien and Miss Ethnic Groups of Vietnam 2022 Nong Thuy Hang are two beauties who were “rattled” for having names with the same initials.

On her personal page on the afternoon of 8/9, Thuy Tien denied being involved in the case of “two showbiz beauties selling sex” that was causing a stir. She wrote: “I would like to use my honor and credibility to confirm that I am in a normal state, still working, busy with my projects, nothing to do with the noise on social media. And certainly, the investigative agencies are working with other individuals. The name everyone mentions is not The Fairy, please don’t rush it, in order to bring down my own honor. I and my employer are inviting lawyers to work with entities and individuals who give inaccurate information, in order to slander to drag my image into the bad story. All such actions are evidence before the law, those units and individuals will be fully responsible before the law.”

At noon on 8/9, Ms. Pham Kim Dung – Director of Sen Vang Company, the management unit of Thuy Tien in Vietnam – said that she is working with lawyers to establish false statements to protect the image of Miss Grand International 2021. The management unit revealed Thuy Tien’s schedule over the past time: From 22-24/8, she worked in Thailand. From 1-5/9, she went to India as a judge and then returned to Vietnam. On 6/9, she and her management company went to charity in the mid-autumn season in Ho Chi Minh City. On 7/9, the beauty attended a press conference to announce the top 52 Miss Grand Vietnam.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Miss Vietnam Nationalities 2022 organization said that Nong Thuy Hang was not involved in the case of “two showbiz beauties selling sex”. This person said that the information was unfounded and distorted, seriously affecting the reputation and honor of Nong Thuy Hang and the contest organizers. Miss Ethnic Groups of Vietnam is coordinating with the authorities to complete the necessary legal procedures, protect all legal rights as well as the reputation and honor of related organizations and individuals.

Miss Thuy Tien. Photo: Supplied character
Miss Thuy Tien. Photo: Supplied character

Thuy Tien was born in 1998 in HCMC. The beauty was crowned Miss International Peace on 4/12/2021 in Bangkok. At the beginning of the year, she was honored as the Outstanding Young Vietnamese Face in 2021. During the 9 months of wearing the crown, Thuy Tien was busy with many schedules. She has been to countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia … and participated in volunteer activities in many provinces and cities, recorded talkshows in Vietnam. On 18/5, she announced that she won a scholarship for a master’s degree in Hotel Management from the Swiss University of Hotel Management (SHMS University Center). She is now actively preparing for her own workshop series called STEPbyTIEN – where she shares her own story, conveying the message of effort to young people. In addition, she accompanied the Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 contest as a judge. The beauty will hand over the crown to her successor in October this year in Indonesia.

The moment Thuy Tien was crowned Miss International Peace 2021




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