VietNam – The 22-year-old had to have surgery dozens of times because she didn’t have a vagina.

Without anus and vagina, menstrual blood cannot escape, so from birth to now, the 22-year-old has had surgery up to 15 times, suffering a lot of physical and mental pain.
On July 7, a representative of Tu Dung Hospital (HO CHI MINH CITY) said that this place has just cooperated with a hospital specializing in pediatric surgery to save a case of carrying a large endometriosis tumor that is very dangerous.

The patient is a 22-year-old girl but looks like a 12-year-old child (only 1.35m tall, weighs 30kg). Exploiting the history, since birth the patient has no anus, no vagina and a double uterus. The patient’s rare birth defects are called “viscous socket existence.”

A long time later, the patient was treated at Children’s Hospital 2, which was temporarily opened to the skin so that the intestines could excrete. However, because the intestinal segment is so short, the patient must accept to live with a temporary anus for life due to the unsuccessful closure of the surgery.

When reaching puberty, due to the absence of a vagina, the patient’s menstrual blood cannot escape. Gradually, the hypothalamus forms a very large cyst that presses into the bladder.

Noticing that the surgery released the amount of menstrual blood that was not thorough, the doctors decided to open a direct passage from the uterine chamber to the anterior abdominal wall, so that the menstrual blood escaped each month from this hole. But this way the effect is still not high, so the blood still stagnates. In total, since birth, the patient has undergone 15 surgeries.

Recently, the girl’s abdomen showed signs of enlargement and pain. At Binh Dan Hospital, doctors examined and found that patients with ureter stones and ovarian tumors should be transferred to Tu Dung Hospital.

Here, the patient is diagnosed with a lot of complicated conditions such as: ovarian tumors of the form of endometriosis, ear fluid on both sides, uterine fluid on the double uterus, kidneys must be waterlogged, have surgery to open a temporary anus, anemia …

22-year-old woman has to have surgery dozens of times because she doesn’t have a vagina – 2
The patient underwent surgery to treat endometriosis and close the opening of the blood flow of the abdominal wall (Photo: Hospital provided).

The prognosis is a very difficult case, tu Dung Hospital has contacted experts from Children’s Hospital 2 to plan the surgery. During the operation, doctors found a large endometriosis ovarian mass (12x14x15cm), which released 1.5 liters of fluid. The patient’s double uterus has a intestinal suspension and a horizontal colon that sticks to it, and the structures in the abdomen are disturbed.

The treatment team proceeded to remove the sticky double uterus, completely cut the uterus and the right appendage, close the opening of the blood opening of the abdominal wall. The operation ended after four hours of stress.

After surgery, patients are actively cared for by doctors, coordinating nutrition specialties to improve their condition. Two weeks later, the incision dried up, there was no rust and the patient was discharged from the hospital.

Statistics show that one in 10 women experience endometriosis. This is a pathology that greatly affects the quality of life of women of reproductive age.

Specifically, the disease can cause chronic pelvic pain, pain during intercourse or urinary tract pain, especially pain in the menstrual cycle. In addition, endometriosis also causes menstrual disorders, even infertility …

Endometriosis is usually diagnosed through pelvic examination and gynecological ultrasound. Therefore, doctors recommend that you should take the initiative to visit, check your health periodically or when there are signs of abnormalities, to detect and intervene in a timely manner.


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