The strong coffee flavor always leaves a strong impression on tourists when they arrive in Vietnam, similar to experiencing the Japanese tea drinking culture. People here know how to enjoy, cherish and consider coffee culture as an integral part of daily life. In Asia, not many countries have such culture.


Since the beginning of the 20th century, coffee production has contributed to a significant source of income for the Vietnamese economy. In the late 1990s, Vietnam became the second largest coffee producer in the world, after Brazil. However, coffee production is mainly from Robusta beans, with poor quality. In recent years, Arabica beans are being promoted to increase quality, especially mink coffee. The ferrets will eat ripe coffee berries and then excrete coffee beans, which are used to make weasel coffee. Weasel coffee has a special aroma, conquering the taste buds of coffee lovers in Vietnam and around the world.


The way Vietnamese people roast, brew and enjoy coffee is completely different from other parts of the world. Here, the coffee is slowly roasted for about 15 minutes at low heat, while in other countries the coffee is usually machine-roasted. While the use of coffee machines has become common in the world, Vietnamese people make coffee using filters. With the filter, the coffee will drip slowly to filter out the essence of the coffee, keeping more flavor than the machine. This is also the traditional way of making “filter coffee”. 

Previously, during and after the working session, Vietnamese people used to drink a cup of brown coffee (condensed milk coffee) or black coffee. In the north, in winter, people usually drink hot brown or hot black. But in general, slate black and especially slate brown are the two most popular choices. When the French first brought coffee to Vietnam in the late 19th century, fresh milk was still scarce. Therefore, the French and Vietnamese began to use condensed milk instead of fresh milk, combined with dark roasted coffee beans. Gradually, this became the traditional Vietnamese coffee.


If you have tried Vietnamese coffee before, the first time will definitely be memorable because of its characteristic bitter taste. Only brave people dare to try black coffee, the rest should try brown coffee (condensed milk coffee) with a more aromatic and mild flavor.

There are also many different ways to enjoy Vietnamese coffee, like egg yolk coffee, or yogurt coffee, I guarantee the taste will be better than their name. Make sure you try them out on your next trip to Vietnam.


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