VietNam – Showbiz – Lily Chen wears chest compressions



Lily Chen wore a red dress by designer Brian Vo, fully exploiting the openings in her chest, waist and hips to enhance the first round.




The design squeezes the chest of the singer.




She wore a black lace dress that saw through designer Song Toan’s lingerie. The ultra-thin outfit helps the 27-year-old beauty show off her curves.






Lily Chen is 1.71 meters tall, her physique is praised by her friends as sexy even though she does not need to eat on a diet. Therefore, she confidently wears tight-fitting outfits. “I pursue a sensual style, not over-wearing, unsympathetic. This set of images was conceived by the team to refresh the image, so I completely trust and respect my partner. In real life, I wear more discreetly,” she said.




Lily Chen loves designer Tom Kara’s dress that shows off her breasts and slender legs. The beauty said that many viewers are overstating her for calling her the new ‘sex bomb’ of showbiz. “Many female artists are much sexier than I am. I just want to refresh myself within limits. I always read the audience’s comments to adjust the style accordingly,” she said.




She wore heavy makeup, tied her hair high. Lily Chen has experience as a model, so she poses professionally.






In the near future, Lily Chen will release the music video “Born to Be Lonely”, composed by Nguyen Minh Cuong. She is completing the final tapings of the Golden Swallow contest. The beauty also appeared in the tv series Mother Straw directed by Phuong Dien.




Lily Chen’s real name is Tran Kim Ngoc, born in 1995 in Tay Ninh. She was in the top 15 of Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018. The beauty is 1.71 m tall, sexy physique. Also she is the runner-up of ‘Love Bolero 2019’. She made headlines when she released the songs: It was because of her, I chose to be single, As never in love. In addition to singing and modeling, Lily Chen is also known to the audience in the field of movies. She has acted in the films Seven Sons of Spirituality and The Mother of The Boss. Recently, Lily Chen made headlines when she made the album ‘Trinh and Ngoc’, which consists of seven newly mixed music videos for Zheng songs.




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