What are the common ways of stewing tofu with cabbage? How to make it taste the best, you are also a chef if you know this

Speaking of this stewed tofu with cabbage, it is both delicious and nutritious. Cabbage is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, and has the effect of nourishing the skin and moistening the intestines. Tofu contains high calcium, iron, magnesium and protein, which can increase appetite and is very beneficial to bone growth.

The choice of cabbage and tofu is also very particular, after all, only good ingredients can make better taste. When choosing cabbage, we prefer Chinese cabbage with more water. This kind of cabbage is not only rich in nutrition but also has more water. It does not need to add too much water, so the aroma can be preserved better. Choose tofu and process it.

For the tofu in this dish of stewed tofu with cabbage, the tofu we choose must be old tofu, because the tofu usually used by everyone is relatively tender. This kind of tofu is too tender and cannot withstand stewing. If it is cooked for a long time, it will be easily boiled. , and the bean flavor of old tofu is stronger and more tasteful.

Here we can choose to use marinated tofu, because this kind of tofu has a rough taste, and it is stew-resistant and fragrant. We can cut the tofu into cubes, the size depends on your mood. Generally speaking, a cube with a little more than one or two centimeters is fine, and the tofu can be put in very early. Rolled fish, so tofu tastes better the more it is stewed.

If the pork is not prepared in time at home, it can also be very delicious. In fact, the steps to make it at home are relatively simple. First of all, we heat a pan with cold oil, put a star anise and a few slices of ginger, stir-fry on a low heat to get the aroma, then add a little soy sauce, and quickly pour in water.

If you happen to have pork at home, it would be great. The steps are as follows: heat a pan with cold oil, add sliced ​​pork belly, stir-fry the fat, and then cook it with light soy sauce. The pork processed in this way not only has a taste, but also does not taste bad So tired. Then we add boiling water and wait for it to boil, then add an appropriate amount of white pepper powder, and then add chopped or broken brine tofu cubes.

When the tofu is cooked, add the shredded Chinese cabbage leaves at the end, boil the pot and add salt, then put it on a plate. The stewed tofu with pork cabbage is rich in meat, fat but not greasy, and it is very suitable for rice. If you like to eat vermicelli at home, you can also add soaked vermicelli after adding water, and when it is cooked to seven maturity, add vermicelli first and then add tofu.

In fact, stewed tofu with cabbage is a home-cooked dish. If you say it is particular about it, it also has its own specialties. If you say it is not particular about it, it is because it is too homely. Because cabbage and tofu are very inclusive ingredients, you can completely follow your own taste. Add other things into it, such as shrimp, scallops, dried cuttlefish, etc., and it is very good to stew together.

And to make this dish well, use a little lard, or slice the pork belly, and stir-fry the lard over medium-low heat. Because the other ingredients are quite simple, using lard will make the whole dish very fragrant, and don’t add too much water when stewing, because cabbage itself is also a vegetable with a high water content, too much water will taste bad It is relatively bland. If the soup is simmered for too long, the cabbage will lose its taste.

Well, the above is a simple recipe of home-cooked cabbage stewed tofu shared with you. Although everyone has their own method, these experiences hope to help those friends who can’t cook or are learning how to cook. Things, come to a bowl of warm cabbage stewed tofu, that is also very happy


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