What are the ten most distinctive bowls of noodles in China? Which are the first in your heart

As a major food country, China’s cuisine is dazzling and countless. There are eight famous dishes, well-known Chinese and foreign special noodles, authentic local characteristics. Chinese cuisine is also second to none in the world. I lingered and was obsessed with Chinese food.

Today we will talk about the main characteristics of many Chinese cuisines, which make many people salivate and can’t stop.

Chinese characteristics, see which one you know, which one is in the first place in your heart,

Welcome to comment in the comment area, we learn from each other and make progress together.

1. Lanzhou beef noodles

Speaking of Lanzhou beef ramen, many people think that this is a ramen that is often eaten elsewhere. In fact, not all. Lanzhou ramen and Lanzhou beef ramen elsewhere are two concepts. The original Lanzhou beef noodles are unforgettable in people’s hearts. A bowl of noodles, especially for Lanzhou people in Gansu, has an irreplaceable and important role.

Beef noodles

The authentic Lanzhou beef noodles have the characteristics of “one clear, two red, three yellow, four green and five white”.

, many people do not know what this is. This is the specialty of Lanzhou beef noodles. Clear broth, oily, spicy, red, yellowish noodles, green onions, coriander, green radish, white. Eating a bowl will refresh you throughout the day.

Lanzhou beef noodles are not only a bowl of noodles, but also a condensation of Gansu culture, the characteristics of a place, understand Gansu, starting from a bowl of Lanzhou beef noodles.

2. Wuhan hot dry noodles

When you wake up in the morning, you can hear the noise on the street outside,

People greet each other, is it still early? No, what to eat? Eat hot dry noodles, a cup of soy milk, and an egg.

Hot dry noodles

This is the breakfast culture of Wuhan people. People should eat a bowl of dry noodles, a cup of soy milk and an egg in the morning. It’s the soul.

Hot dry noodles in Wuhan are also popular. I stayed in Wuhan for a while. At that time, it was necessary to eat a bowl of hot dry noodles every day, especially with some capers. All noodles are different. Carry the noodles and eat them as you go.

Wuhan hot dry noodles are also a bowl of noodles with a story. Friends who like to know more can understand by themselves, and I will not repeat it here.

3. Beijing fried noodles

Where are the good yakisoba dishes? I think many people will say that this is Beijing fried noodles. I don’t know if anyone objected. In everyone’s cognition, Beijing fried noodles are a household name. Many people go to Beijing to eat Beijing noodles. Specialties – fried noodles, roast duck, fried sauce noodles.


Before I went to Beijing on a business trip, I ate this fried sauce noodles once. Looks really appetizing. This combination is quite reasonable. Memorable.

If you have time to go to Beijing, be sure to try these fried noodles, they are delicious.

4. As the capital of noodles, how can there be a special bowl of noodles that is enjoyable and enjoyable. In Xi’an, you can eat noodles, hand-rolled noodles, and mutton buns. Also eat a bowl of oil noodles, which are particularly chewy. The noodles are very elastic and chewy. Noodles, delicious.

Oil surface

The scene of eating fried noodles in the TV series “White Deer Plain” may have made many people dumbfounded at that time.

, carrying a large bowl of oil poured noodles, squatting on the table, chewing noodles and garlic, just looking at it makes salivation, go to Xi’an must eat a bowl.

5. Shanxi knife noodles

The world’s pasta depends on China, and Chinese pasta depends on Shanxi.

Shanxi noodles are also unique and have their own characteristics. There is a wide variety of pasta, with unique recipes and local characteristics. In the eyes of Shanxi people, noodles are vinegar. Shanxi people play noodles a lot. In his hands, noodles can be transformed into a variety of foods.

The noodles were shaved

Shanxi knife-cut noodles are the most popular of many noodles. He is charismatic. The unique method of knife shaving noodles, mixed with various brine, is a special delicacy.

6. Chongqing noodles

Chongqing small noodles can be seen in many places, and Chongqing small noodles are also very typical local cuisine.

Chongqing small noodles

When I was in Chongqing, I ate a bowl of Chongqing noodles. I think it’s pretty good. The soup is fragrant and spicy, and the noodles are strong. Unlike the noodles in the north, the taste is quite good.

7. Sichuan improved noodles

In addition to hot pot, Sichuan also has a delicacy, that is, dan dan noodles.

Dan and noodles

It is said that rice eggs also have a long history and a long history. Interested friends can check out the story here, and I will not repeat it here.

It looks good and tastes good. The ingredients inside are also very nice and still delicious.

8. Xinjiang ramen

What is your impression of Xinjiang?

In Xinjiang, in addition to large plates of chicken, roasted whole lamb, toast, grilled meat, naan, and Xinjiang noodles, there are many delicacies that you don’t know.

If you want to eat noodles, you must eat Xinjiang noodles. When you go to Xinjiang, you must not miss a bowl of noodles – Xinjiang ramen.

Xinjiang noodles

There are many types of noodles in Xinjiang. For example, oily pork noodles are popular. Soft noodles with chewy texture covered with vegetables.

9. Cantonese wonton noodles

Guangdong is also a major food province. There are many delicacies such as stewed chicken, roasted goose, and sausage flour. Wonton noodles are also a representative of Cantonese noodles. Not as spicy as northern noodles. The wonton noodles are delicious and soft.

Wonton noodles

10. Henan fried noodles

Speaking of Henan noodles, it should not be underestimated. Henan fried noodles are also delicious. I have eaten it many times in Henan, and there is no soup every time. Henan fried noodles use a lot of ingredients, and they are cooked together, so they have the reputation of fried noodles.

Fried noodles

Above are the ten most typical Chinese noodle bowls that are being talked about today. Of course, there are many specialty noodles in many places, so I will not list them all here


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