What’s so special about Cantonese-style side stoves?

The Cantonese-style Dabian stove can be said to have very local characteristics. It is not only light, but also completely different from Sichuan and Chongqing local hot pots. It can be said that the whole edge furnace can be described with one word.

The soup base is generally based on broth. The Cantonese-style side stove is basically to drink more soup, so they will cook the soup base very delicious, and even usually use chicken soup or some bone soup as the soup base. , the whole soup base looks very delicious. It contains not only meat, but also ingredients, but it can make you feel rich and nourishing. Compared with the Sichuan-Chongqing area, the Cantonese-style edge furnace has the soup base as the core, but the soup base in the Sichuan-Chongqing area actually plays a supporting role. Their soup base is so spicy that it is basically impossible drink. The common Cantonese-style side stove is a very nutritious soup with fish maw chicken as the soup base. Not only does the dish feel very nutritious, but also a bowl of soup before the dish is enough to warm people’s hearts.

Moreover, the Cantonese-style shabu-shabu also pays attention to the original flavor. They don’t use too many seasonings, but put fresh vegetables in the pot to boil. After it is fished out, it is basically served with some soy sauce as a condiment, and even some elderly people will directly eat the original boiled meat dishes. Because most Cantonese taste very light, so their seasoning will not be too complicated, just to ensure the original freshness of the ingredients. They prefer to eat the original taste of the ingredients, rather than the taste covered by strong spices.

But now, as the food culture in Wangdong is becoming more and more abundant, in fact, the local side road has also undergone many improvements, and many of the previous exquisiteness has gradually become less important. Basically, clear soup is mainly used for blanching dishes. Other considerations are actually icing on the cake. There are even many young people who have invented various Cantonese-style side-burning methods. I think they are very interesting. You can check them online and try them yourself.


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