Ancient people didn’t understand delicacies?

The word “foodie” seems to have only appeared in recent years. I don’t know it. As early as thousands of years ago, our ancestors were proper “foodie”. Some people say that in an ancient society where material resources were very scarce, what kind of food could people have? I’m afraid that as long as they fill their stomachs, it would be good, and it doesn’t matter whether the food is delicious or not.

We must admit that in ancient times, most people just thought about filling their stomachs every day, regardless of whether it was delicious or not. However, while pursuing food and clothing, many people also cook exquisite and delicious dishes, and some dishes have even been passed down to this day, such as hot pot.

As early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the rudiment of hot pot had already appeared, and it developed into Yuanyang hot pot in the Warring States period. This is not fabricated, but based.

In the Warring States period, maybe people at that time thought that all the ingredients were put together, and the taste was not so delicious, or people at that time ate as a family, and everyone had different tastes, so the smart ancient people separated the tripod. , to form different cooking areas, so that everyone can enjoy the taste they like, and the food is less mixed and more delicious, so the ancient version of Yuanyang hot pot appeared.

Although thousands of years have passed, this way of eating has continued to this day, and even the cooking method is not much different. The difference may be that modern people are more pursuing the taste of food and the exquisite way of food. “Era.

In the Western Han Dynasty, barbecue was no longer as simple as setting up a shelf and then simply baking food. People added a lot of barbecue utensils, such as sticks, fans, donkey fires, etc., and in addition to the common cattle In addition to mutton, the way of eating cicadas has also been added. I have to admire the wisdom of the ancients.

If we want to talk about delicious food, we have to talk about the Man-Han Banquet in the Qing Dynasty. It was a shock. Even today, the Man-Han Banquet represents the highest way of hospitality. It includes the cuisines of most regions of China, sweet and sour, bitter and spicy, delicacies of mountains and seas, Various cooking methods can be said to be the treasure and the highest state of Chinese cuisine culture


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