When frying fish, it will be “useless” if you put it directly into the pan, learn 4 tricks, the fish skin will not be broken and will not stick to the pan

Now the weather is getting colder, and winter has slowly come to us. As a northerner, I have already put on a thick down jacket. I don’t know if you have it there? Whenever the weather is cold, my family’s favorite is to boil some fish soup, which can not only play a good role in warming the stomach, but also provide our body with various sufficient nutrients, so that we can also eat in cold weather. Can have enough heat. For the production of fish soup, we first fry the fish before making it, only in this way will the fish soup be thicker and whiter.

No, some people reported to me that when they are frying fish, a bad phenomenon often occurs, that is, during the process of frying fish, the fish is easy to stick to the pan, which makes the fried fish particularly easy to burn. The skin was broken, making the fried fish incomplete at all. So when frying fish, how do we make it so that the fried fish does not break the skin and does not stick to the pan? Follow me to learn about it. Today I will teach you some tips to ensure that you fry The fish that came out was especially complete!

Then put the prepared fish into the pot and fry it on a low heat. When the fish is fried on one side, it needs to be turned off to let the oil cool down. Then use a spatula to turn the fish over, and turn on the fire again to heat the oil, then continue to fry the fish on a low heat. When the fish is fried to golden brown on both sides, you can turn off the fire and let it cool. Take it out of the pot and plate it. A perfect fried fish is ready. The fried fish is very complete, neither broken nor sticky to the pan. Have you learned how to make it?

The above method of frying fish is suitable for frying all fish, whether it is carp or grass carp, we can use this method when frying it. Next, I will summarize for you the 4 key points when frying fish without breaking the skin and not sticking to the pan.

1. The water on the fish must be wiped clean. If there is too much water on the fish, the fish skin will easily stick to the pan during the frying process, causing the fish skin to break.

2. After the iron pan is heated, be sure to pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil into it, and moisten the pan first.

3. After heating the oil in the hot pot, be sure to sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt into the pot. Salt can play a good role in heat insulation, so that the fish will not directly touch the bottom of the pot during the frying process, so that the frying will come out The body of the fish becomes particularly complete.

4. In the process of frying the fish, the fish body should be fried on one side, and after the fish is cooled, turn the fish over.


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