Keep in mind 2 tips for frying fish, it will be easier to cook fish during the Chinese New Year, the pan will not stick to the skin, and the fish will look good

It’s the year of the group, has your cooking skills improved this year? In order to let the family have a good year, the New Year’s Eve dinner must not be sloppy. If the cooking is still not good-looking, it will inevitably affect the good mood at that time, so it is better to learn more cooking skills while there is still time. Don’t just focus on preparing new year’s goods. Fish is an indispensable part of the New Year’s Eve dinner. Generally, braised fish is made. Although the method is common, it is very suitable for putting on the New Year’s Eve dinner table. , if not, it is easy to fry the skin when frying the fish, which will affect the appearance.

When making braised fish, the best way is to fry it first and then boil it. This is not only beautiful, but also makes the taste better and tastes more delicious, so frying fish is a very important part of making braised fish , doing it well is more than half the battle. How can I cook the fish well?

Keep in mind 2 tips for frying fish, it will be easier to cook fish during the Chinese New Year, the pan will not stick to the skin, and the fish will look good! Let me share with you the method of frying fish and some tips. Friends who often do not do well take the time to have a look. It is not difficult at all after mastering the skills.

Fish frying steps:

Prepare a fresh fish, kill it and wash it well. If the fish is thicker, you should cut a few knives on both sides of the fish. This is easy to taste and pay attention when cutting.

After processing, put it into a larger pot, put ginger shreds, green onion shreds, and salt, rub it with your hands a few times, apply it to every part, and marinate for ten minutes.

When the time is up, remove the shredded green onion and ginger, lift the fish to control the juice, wipe it with a kitchen paper towel after the juice does not drip, remove the water from the surface of the fish and the inside of the fish maw, use two if one is not enough, and keep the whole fish dry .

Then pour a little starch into the empty plate, put the fish into the plate, coat one side with starch, then turn over, coat evenly, and pat lightly after wrapping to avoid excess starch from adhering.

Preheat the frying pan, heat it until it smokes, add oil, continue to heat until the oil smokes and shake the pan a few times to moisten the pan, pour out the oil, and immediately add new cooking oil, when the oil is 50% hot, turn the heat to low, put the fish Put it in the pot.

Don’t move it after putting it in, put it away at one time, and fry it until the bottom is shaped and slightly yellow. It is better to turn it from time to time.

When the other side is also fried, the fried fish is finished. It looks very complete, the fish skin is not broken at all, and there is no sticking to the pan during the frying process.

When frying fish, do 2 more steps, that is, 2 tips that need to be kept in mind, namely:

1. After the fish is marinated, the water must be removed. If it is fried in a pan with water, it is easy to stick to the pan, because when the water is soaked, the surface of the pot is heated first, and the fish is too late to fry. When the water dries, the fish will stick to the pan If the water is removed, the fish skin will be heated immediately when the fish is cooked, and it will not stick to the pan after it is set. Therefore, whether it is a whole fish or a piece of fish, just use a kitchen paper towel to absorb it before frying. Shedding water is good.

Second, after the fish is dried, the surface of the fish should be coated with a thin layer of starch. After this treatment, a dry protective layer is formed on the surface of the fish skin, which can avoid sticking to the pan when frying the fish. As long as it does not stick to the pan, it is not afraid Broken skin.

Also pay attention to a few small details:

1. The surface of the pot must be kept clean, dry, smooth, and non-stick. If these points are properly handled, frying fish is easier. To achieve these points, you need to learn how to heat the pot and cool the oil. Just follow the above steps, then handle It is not sticky at all, but it should be noted that the iron pan is treated in this way, and if an open flame is used, if it is a non-stick pan itself, as long as the oil is heated, it is ok, and it is best to use a non-stick pan for frying fish in an induction cooker.

2. When frying fish, don’t be idle and touch the fish. You must wait until one side is fried before turning over. If you turn over frequently, it is easy to waste all previous efforts, the skin of the fish will be broken, the fish will fall apart, and there will be no sale. Mutually.



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