Why doesn’t your sweet and sour fried ribs taste good?

It’s also sweet and sour stir-fried ribs, but the food you make is not as good as that of restaurants or friends and colleagues, maybe some stage is not standard.

Choosing unsuitable raw materials

Not all types of pork ribs are suitable for making sweet and sour ribs. Ignore the ribs with large bones, less meaty and tough, because the finished product made from it will dry hard, the color is also difficult to catch the eye.

For a delicious plate of sweet and sour stir-fried ribs, you should choose tenderloin ribs that have small bones, flattened, fleshy, fatty and often cartilage.

Why doesn't your sweet and sour fried ribs taste good? - 1
Sweet and sour stir-fried ribs are a favorite of many people.

Preliminary processing in the wrong way

Blanching through the ribs is the first step to help clean and eliminate the bad smell of the rib pieces and it is also an important step to decide the structure and deliciousness of the rib pieces after

People blanch the ribs by putting them in a pot of boiling water, causing the ribs to heat unevenly. The outer layer that comes into early contact with hot water will dry out and the inside will remain cold, impurities and excess blood will not be released, causing the ribs to become foul.

The correct way is to soak through the ribs with cold water, then put it in a pot of cold water and then put it on the stove, adding a few slices of ginger. When the water boils, remove the ribs, soak in another basin of cold water. The ribs will cook evenly, the odor also disappears when impurities and excess blood are removed.

Fry the ribs too thoroughly

Frying too thoroughly will lose nutrients, the ribs also become dry and hard. You should only fry quickly over high heat so that the ribs are evenly golden, the outside is hard, crispy, and the inside retains its softness and berryiness.

Disproportionate seasoning

Seasonings that are too sweet or too sour make the sweet and sour fried ribs less delicious. Let’s prepare the sauce in accordance with the volume of cooked meat. The ribs need to be rimed with the sauce for the right amount of time so that the seasoning is evenly absorbed into each piece of meat.

Do not put too many different spices in because it will cause the dish to get out of taste, unable to highlight the juiciness of the ribs.

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