Women cheat for years, why don’t men know?

Many people understand that adultery will not end well but still want to try because they hope “only God knows, the earth knows and I know”.

The needle in the long wrapper also came out, those who thought that they could really keep this secret, did their husbands really not know about his wife’s infidelity after many years? Listen to their experiences.

I’ve been having an affair for 11 years.

“I am a woman with a difficult life, married to a cheater. He not only lives aimlessly but also indulges in gambling every day. In his eyes there is only gambling, not caring about the family, not loving his wife and children. In his eyes without me, he never cared about me, comforting me, as if I didn’t exist.

I sought comfort from another man. He’s got a family, but we’re still together because I feel so warm with him.

My husband didn’t know I was having an affair for so many years, because he didn’t care about me at all. For 10 years he has only gambled, if not gambling, then gathered to drink with friends like him, coming home very late every day…

Sometimes I go on dates with my mistress, just open the door to sleep in the hotel. My husband was still busy at the silver screen so he didn’t know where his wife was going.

Maybe I’ll take my mistress home, every time my husband comes home, I’m done with my lover, he’s gone, and my husband will never know I’m unfaithful.”

An, 8 years of infidelity

“After I got married, I had no intention of betraying myself, I thought I was the kind of woman who was devoted to my family. But I can’t believe my husband is a traitor first, and he’s always lived like that, unchanged.

I had a lot of crying swollen eyes, thinking a lot, and severe depression, finally unbearable, I decided to live for myself. If my husband doesn’t need me, I’ll find another man who appreciates me more.

My husband of course hurt me again, and it was the last drop of water that spilled the glass, I chose to live more openly. When I met my lover later, I didn’t feel wrong because I knew him.

My work is quite stressful but when I finish processing, I will be rested so I can take advantage of going to see my lover. We had sex for a few hours and then we arranged to go home with our children.

My husband is busier than his wife, often traveling for business, traveling, he said to see customers but I know it is too much to go with his mistress. But he didn’t know he was having an affair. And even if he knew, maybe his husband wouldn’t care, or would he get mad? And ask for a divorce without dividing the property? I shouldn’t let him know anyway.”

Thanh N., 10 years of infidelity

“My marriage is in its 15th year, my husband is incompetent, doesn’t make a lot of money, he makes a few million a month, not enough to spend. When I gave birth, I had to ask my mother-in-law to look after me to go out to work more. Later I found a new company with a much better income, also because I met my lover at that time.

Dating surreptitiously for three years, he gave me a lot of money. Then I started a small company myself. My lover has given me many benefits that I never had in my life.

So that my husband wouldn’t be suspicious, I said I borrowed money to set up the company. My husband probably didn’t believe it because he thought that women without backing could set up a company. He may have doubted it, but he didn’t say it…

I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years, I haven’t had any incidents. It’s not that I didn’t tell the truth, it’s that my husband didn’t say anything, he knew he couldn’t feed his family so he still needed to rely on me.

If my affair broke out, I would definitely get divorced, and then my husband’s pressure would grow. Maybe that’s why he still pretends he doesn’t know anything.”

A woman who has been having an affair for years undetected isn’t necessarily because she knows how to hide it, it’s just that her husband doesn’t care, or doesn’t want to say it.

Although adultery has many reasons, but surely the marriages in which the affair occurs are not easy, maybe the insiders do not want to break up because they are afraid to hurt their children, afraid of financial pressure … But they are all very depressed with marriage.

If the marriage goes wrong and two people despite all their efforts are still unable to communicate with each other, break up, because it is no longer fun to be together anyway, free yourself to find true love will not be happier than living another life in parallel in the dark?

If you choose to preserve the marriage, do not selfishly think about finding external sources of joy to compensate, comfort yourself, because it is always a thing that hurts the other person even though the marriage no longer exists love.


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