VietNam – Miss Phuong Le divorces her husband after 13 years

On May 18, Miss World Peace Lady 2017 Phuong Le unexpectedly announced that she and her husband had officially divorced.

Miss World Peace 2017 shared: “Phuong Le and her husband talked together, agreed to stop the marriage relationship because they did not have a common voice at work. Even though we are no longer husband and wife, we are still family, we will be friends to take care of our three children with love that is only fuller.”

The beauty said that divorce is not a big deal, she and her ex-husband always respect each other. “Nothing in this world is forever. Divorce does not hate each other is still happy to talk, still respect each other, more precious than living together but the voice is different rhythm,” she said.

She also insisted that the divorce did not include a third person. The beauty said she now wants to spend time focusing on her work.

“Phuong Le today came out of a successful marriage with 13 years of happiness and having 3 lovely children, no regrets and always thank you for having. Now Phuong Le just wants to focus on her work to take care of her children. Phuong Le is still in the proactive, self-reliant mood in life, developing work as the orientation set for herself,” she added.

Phuong Le, from Tra Vinh, won the Miss World Peace Lady award in 2017. Her husband is a successful businessman but rarely appears with his wife for fear of being noticed.

The news of the divorce surprised the netizens. In the past, the beauty has been admired by many people for her fulfilling married life, loving husband, obedient children, good study.

Phuong Le once shared that although they have been married for a long time, the businessman’s husband always loves the afternoon, cherishing her like the first day. Once, the beauty made netizens admire when she revealed that her husband “hot bonus” 6 billion when she successfully lost weight.



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