Asia food – Cold-oil fried beans or hot oil?

Among the many vegetables, tofu can be said to be a high-end, inexpensive ingredient, eating with a flexible, delicious taste, year-round costing two or three yuan a pound, five or six yuan is enough. Let the whole family eat together. Tofu is not only cheap, tasty but its nutritional value is also very high, rich in essential nutrients for the human body such as protein and calcium.

It is said that two small pieces of tofu per day can meet a person’s calcium needs in a day. There are many ways to eat tofu, in addition to frying and stewing, many people also love to eat fried tofu, the outside is crispy, the inside is soft, has a unique taste, not fat.

The tofu is delicious but not easy to make, I believe that you have already done it, you have a deep understanding of this dish, once put in the pot, it will all stick to the bottom of the pot. tofu falls, crumbles. Many people think that the failure to fry tofu is due to the oil pan, so is that really the case? When frying tofu do you put in cold oil or hot oil? In fact, it’s not right, this is the correct way to do it.

【Home-style fried tofu】

Ingredients required: tofu, water, salt, starch, cooking oil

Step 1: Cut the purchased tofu into thick slices or cubes, not too thin.

Step 2: Tofu soak in light salt water for about 10-15 minutes, remove to drain.

Step 3: Put the jar in rolling evenly so that the dough is on top.

Step 4: Heat the oil in a pan, when the oil is 80% hot, add the floured tofu.

Step 5: Fry slowly on a low heat, wait until one side turns yellowish-brown, turn slightly, wait until both sides are golden and then remove to the plate.


1. Soak the tofu in light salted water, which can disinfect and deodorize the fish.

2. Before wrapping the tofu with starch, remember to drain, so that the starch is evenly wrapped and does not stick t

3. When frying tofu, do not put cold oil and hot oil in a saucepan, the correct method is to put the oil in the pot when the oil temperature is ripe.



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