Asia food – When making steamed fish, should you pour cooking oil or soy sauce first? So that the fish is not fishy?

With the constantly improving standard of living, people’s attitude towards food is also more demanding, in addition to eating adequately, healthy and nutritious eating is even more important, in our lives, the individual can be said to be the most common. The dish on our table is steamed fish, a very popular fish, which is not only very tasty but also has a particularly high nutritional value, the most important thing is not to lose the nutrients of the fish, so it is loved. By everybody. When making steamed fish, do you sprinkle oil or soy sauce first? Chef: Wrong order, fish not fishy.

The steamed fish is very delicious, the way of processing is also very simple but you need to pay attention to certain details, when we make steamed fish here, do you know whether to pour the oil first or pour the oil cooked first? If in the wrong order, the fish will not ripen softly and is accompanied by a fishy smell. So when making steamed fish, do not because you do not know how to damage the fish pot like that, today I will tell you how to make steamed fish.

First we prepare the necessary ingredients, here we prepare the bass, after slaughtering to clean the scales, gills and intestines of the fish, then wash it again and use a knife on the back of the fish. less shallow plates for the convenience of steaming the fish can be more ripe and tastier, then prepare a few slices of ginger, spring onions, cooking wine, steamed fish water, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil.

Then we marinate the cleaned fish with a little salt, cooking wine, chopped ginger, spring onions for 5 minutes that have the effect of deodorizing the fish and helping the fish taste better, then put in a saucepan, for a moderate amount. water, then stuff the slices of ginger and spring onions into the belly of the fish, then scatter some spring onions and ginger sliced just so on the plate, then sprinkle some lard over, which has the effect of making the fish meat fresher.

Put the marinated fish in this way in a steamer with cold water for about 10 minutes, the fish will hunt again, not only soft, delicious but also not eaten. After steaming, we remove to the plate and then pour the excess water inside, then pour all the ginger and spring onions into the belly of the fish and instead, spread the new one on top, then. Put in a saucepan to boil a little soy sauce, then put some vinegar, then add some boiling water, after boiling, sprinkle on the fish, so that the fish will smell and delicious, and finally add a little cooking oil, after putting in the pan will give off the aroma of chopped spring onions and chopped ginger.



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