BlipShip, game for IOS

Game BlipShip, game for IOS
Type IOS game
Publisher A Multi-Dimensional Adventure


A space adventure! Avoid asteroids as you “blip” your ship across dimensions!

Captain Jason has hired you, the best pilot in the galaxy, to be behind the wheel on one of his most daring space-missions. However, during his last adventure, you find yourself in the midst of an impossibly large asteroid field. Luckily, your ship has a unique function; it can “Blip” between dimensions! As long as the ship survives in one reality, you can keep going! Now it is up to you to make sure Jason and his crew survive!

Navigate your ship through an endless stream of randomly generated obstacles

  • Each run will have an entirely new path, filled to the brim with space-rocks!
  • Once the last ship touches an asteroid, it is game over!
  • By collecting the green “Blip”-items you can split a dimension, increasing your chance of survival and score. Try to keep all dimensions intact!
  • Each dimension has a unique set of obstacles to avoid, so do not forget to divide your attention
  • Your score is doubled for each additional dimension you have!
  • Check your score on the online leaderboards! Can you reach the 1 percent
  • Collect Stardust along the way, and strike it rich!
  • Sprinkled across the alternate realities you can find rare blue stardust
  • Go to the Blip-Shop to purchase additional ships to use.
  • Each ship has their own stats. Find the ship that you like the most!

Upcoming Features

  • Campaign Mode: Wondering how you ended up in this situation? There is actually quite a story behind it. You can expect more details of Captain Jason’s (mis)adventures in the game’s Campaign mode
  • And much more

BlipShip, game for IOSBlipShip, game for IOSBlipShip, game for IOSBlipShip, game for IOSBlipShip, game for IOSBlipShip, game for IOSBlipShip, game for IOS

  • Seller: Square Table Studios
  • Size: 65.1 MB
  • Compatibility
  • iPhone: Requires iOS 10.0 or later
  • iPad: Requires iPad OS 10.0 or later
  • iPod touch: Requires iOS 10.0 or later
  • Mac: Requires macOS 11 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip
  • Languages: English
  • Age: Rating 4+
  • Copyright© 2021 Square Table Studios
  • Price: Free
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