How to make pancakes soft and multi-layered, and not hard when cold? Street stall boss core recipe sharing

Everyone knows that there are so many delicacies made with flour in life, such as buns with fillings, steamed buns without fillings, strong noodles, and soft scones. I make it from time to time, and the family enjoys eating it, not to mention how happy it is. Even the editor likes to eat pasta after going out to work. There are often small vendors making pancakes in the place where I work. I buy them and eat them while walking after work. It’s really very happy.

However, the uncle who sells pancakes will retire and return to his hometown. He thought that he would not be able to eat this pancake, but he was so generous that he shared the core recipe of his pancakes with me for free. Even if the pancakes are cold It is not hard, but soft and multi-layered. It can be eaten by the elderly and children. It is very easy to digest. You may wish to follow along and try it!

[The best way to make pancakes]

The first step is to prepare a basin, pour 300g of flour into it, then add 3g of salt into it, stir it evenly with chopsticks and divide it into two basins, pour the flour in one basin into boiling water, and pour it in at the same time Stir to form flocs, pour cold water into another basin, and stir to form flocs, neither dry nor wet, then mix the dough in the two basins together and knead until the dough is smooth, then cover with a lid Let the dough rest for 5 minutes, then knead again and rest covered for 10 minutes.

The second step, then prepare a small bowl to make pastry, add a spoonful of flour, half a spoonful of salt, a little five-spice powder and pepper powder into it, stir well with chopsticks, then pour hot oil into it, while pouring in Stir it into a paste, then roll the woken dough into a dough, spread the pastry evenly on it, then wrap it from top to bottom, knead it into a dough, then roll it thin with a rolling pin, knead it into a dough repeatedly, and organize it into Put the noodle embryos in an oiled pan and fry until cooked. It is best if you have an electric baking pan at home!



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