Cabbage can be eaten like this, delicious, healthy and nutritious

Cabbage is a very common vegetable in our life. There are many ways to make cabbage. Cabbage has very rich nutritional value, especially in winter. There are many people who eat cabbage. There is a delicious way to make cabbage, which is spicy cabbage .

Choose fresh and firm cabbage, remove the bad leaves on the outside, and cut it directly without washing. Pay attention to the way you cut the cabbage: cut it from the root and break it with two hands instead of cutting it completely from top to bottom, so as to ensure that the leaves below will not be chopped as much as possible. In addition, if the cabbage is relatively large, in order to better taste, cut a 7-8 cm long knife at the root of each half of the cabbage. A cabbage with about 1-1.5 cups of coarse salt, spread evenly on the cabbage for the first step of marinating

Marinate the cabbage with coarse salt until soft, wash it under running water, squeeze out the water, and put it in the drain basket for 1-2 hours. Take a container that is enough to hold the cabbage, and add it to about half of the container. Add a lot of clear water, put the coarse salt into the clear water to melt into salt water, then soak the cabbage coated with coarse salt in the salt water, pay attention to check the pickling of the cabbage every 4-5 hours, if the cabbage precipitates water Before the cabbage is fully soaked, pay attention to adjust the arrangement of the cabbage so that it is evenly soaked in the salt water; after about 16-24 hours, the cabbage will become wilted and soft. Garlic and ginger are pressed into minced garlic and ginger with a press Pour 7 cups of chili powder for kimchi, a cup of fine salt, a cup of sugar, and a cup of monosodium glutamate into a large enough container and mix well; (Did you see the measuring cup I used? It’s the round plastic one you get when you buy a rice cooker Cup, marked with ,, on the side of the cup) After adding glutinous rice flour and water, mix well, heat on low heat and keep stirring until it becomes slightly thick (as shown in the picture: after being filled with a spoon, it can flow smoothly and coherently, and the glutinous rice paste in the pot There are traces on the surface) Pour the heated glutinous rice paste into the seasoning prepared in step (5) while it is hot, and stir it evenly

Spicy cabbage is a popular food, and people can taste its refreshing taste almost anytime and anywhere, but spicy cabbage tastes a bit particular, and many people don’t know it. Eating spicy cabbage needs to be chewed slowly, which is not only good for digestion, but more importantly, spicy cabbage contains a variety of vitamins and acidic substances. Only by chewing slowly can these substances be fully absorbed and utilized.

Kimchi is a nutritious and hygienic processed vegetable product. The main raw materials of kimchi are various vegetables, which are rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals, and beans are also rich in full-price protein. During the soaking process, the temperature of the vegetables is kept at normal temperature, and the vitamin C and B vitamins in the vegetables will not be destroyed. Therefore, pickles have higher nutritional value than stir-fried vegetables. Kimchi is rich in lactic acid, generally 0.4% to 0.8%, which can stimulate the digestive glands to secrete digestive juice and help the digestion and absorption of food. At the same time, the L-lactic acid produced by fermentation is easily utilized by the human body. The lactic acid bacteria in kimchi can inhibit the growth and reproduction of various pathogenic bacteria. For example, Shigella can be killed in kimchi for 3-6 hours, cholera bacteria for 1-2 hours, and typhoid bacteria for 2-9 hours. Roundworm eggs attached to fresh vegetables will also die of suffocation due to lack of oxygen in the sealed kimchi jar. Therefore, eating kimchi regularly can increase the beneficial bacteria in the stomach, inhibit the pathogenic bacteria in the stomach, reduce the chance of suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, and increase the body’s resistance. In addition, vegetables contain a certain amount of protein. During the processing of kimchi, protein is gradually decomposed into small molecule polypeptide substances and even amino acids due to the action of microorganisms and proteolytic enzymes. This is an important biochemical change that not only produces a certain luster, aroma and flavor in pickled products, but also promotes the absorption of nutrients and increases the nutritional value of food.

1. Chili powder is really important. Chili powder produced in Sichuan or Hunan may have its unique spicy taste and aroma, but it is really not suitable for pickling pickles, as the taste and color will be different; coarse salt may be easier to buy in the vegetable market;

2. The container of pickled spicy cabbage can be made of ceramic or other safe materials. I bought a special pickle box for Tupperware;

3. The room temperature when pickling spicy cabbage should not be too high. It is more suitable at about 10 degrees. If the room is hot, it is recommended to put it in a sealed box and put it in the refrigerator to pickle; Experiments have shown that when the pickled dishes reach 20 days, they will basically be 0, so you can eat them with confidence! 5. Authentic Korean kimchi still needs to be marinated whole. At first, I planned to marinate with chopped cabbage. I didn’t consider that the chopped cabbage has more cut sides. After pickling, the amount of water will be too much and affect the taste. Ten thousand reminders, suddenly realized. . To be delicious, you must marinate the whole tree!

6. The first coarse salt pickling process must make the vegetables wilt. If there are still fresh and hard vegetable leaves and cabbage gangs, then the vegetables will be easily rotten during the later pickling. I really don’t have such a large container and too much time to deal with this process. I suggest cutting the cabbage and then marinating this step, so that at least it can ensure that all the cabbage is marinated, it will be more even, and the step of cutting will be saved in the later stage. When I am lazy, I will also cut and marinate



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