Coconut weevil – Vietnamese horror dish

Coconut worms are considered a regional specialty, right in Ben Tre coconut land is the land of greasy worms. The coconut weevil is a larva of an anthill, usually looking for lush green coconut trees that have drilled holes for shelter and laid eggs.

The main food source of the coconut weevil is the nutrients that are sucked from the coconut tubers, so they grow very quickly and strongly and then pierce the trunk, in a short time, they can grow fat and round to any size. people still see. That is why when the coconut tree has grown weevils, the coconut tree is no longer vegetative to grow.

Tourists from far away to the West, especially stopping by Ben Tre, will feel extremely strange and even afraid when they see people catching coconut weevils for food. But for the people in the area, those who are used to eating feel the greasy nature of the worm and the praise. Unknown strangers often think this typical dish is not hygienic. However, coconut weevils are very clean because they grow in the trunk and eat the best nutrients from the coconut tree.

Coconut weevils grow most strongly in the rainy season, the humid air creates favorable conditions for them to reproduce. Just like how to get coconut tofu, harvesting coconut worms also has to cut down the whole coconut tree, along the body to catch the fat worms. 

Indeed, when it comes to this dish, many people in the region are fascinated forever, describing the greasy but very sweet taste of the worms. That’s why there are tourists from far away who come to Ben Tre just to try this “strange” dish at least once in their life.

For people in the garden, coconut worms have many ways of processing such as coconut worm salad, deep fried coconut worms, worm porridge, steamed sticky rice, roasted worms or boiled worms in coconut water.

However, for gourmets, one thing is always recognized that the best weevil dish must be fresh worms bathed in chili sauce. Fresh worms, after being caught, will be processed simply by soaking in white wine and then rinsing the water until it is completely clean, then put in a plate of fresh chili sauce and so on, enjoy and eat like that to feel all the freshness. the greasy taste of the worm. Fried dough worms seem to be more talented by housewives because they are going to be more interested in eating them.

Although not everyone can eat this typical dish, once you eat it, you will remember it forever. Therefore, the demand for consumption has also increased, coconut worms have also been successfully tested by some farmers and brought to big cities to participate in a rich culinary scene.

Unique dishes are evaluated as delicious and nutritious, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy if you have the opportunity to come to Ben Tre!



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