In North Korea, how long can you live with 10,000 yuan? You may not believe it

The world is so big, I want to see it. This sentence has spread all over the country. Since then, people have paid more and more attention to their quality of life. As long as they have time and money, they will call a partner or travel alone. Go around the world, look at different scenery and relax, and now countries are vigorously developing tourism, the economic benefits obtained through tourism are also very high, and even become the main source of income for many countries, the 10,000 How long can yuan yuan live in North Korea? let’s figure it out together

Although North Korea is very close to us, we all feel that it is very mysterious. It attracts many people to travel every year. When we go to North Korea, we will find that the economy here is relatively backward, people’s wages are low, and the price level is also low. When eating in North Korea, special dishes cost about 10 yuan. If you want to eat something better, it costs one or two hundred yuan, but these meals cost six to seven hundred yuan in my country. Mineral water or bread in the supermarket is about 5 yuan.

If you stay in a hotel, it costs about 100 yuan a night, and the facilities are also very complete. In my country, it costs 200 to 300 yuan a night, which is very cheap in comparison. Taking a taxi is also very cheap, and it will not make tourists feel pressured. The wages of the people here are low, but they don’t have the pressure of housing, and their lives are very happy, so 10,000 yuan can still play for a while in North Korea. I wonder if you have traveled to North Korea? Welcome to leave a comment below the video



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