ChiNa – Beijing further consolidates the “quartet responsibility” for prevention and control (pays close attention to various epidemic prevention work)

Original title: Beijing further consolidates the “quartet responsibility” for prevention and control (pays close attention to various epidemic prevention work)

This newspaper, Beijing, May 10 (Reporters Zhu Jingruo, Wang Haonan) At present, Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period, and individual units in Beijing have confirmed cases and clustered epidemics. Beijing acted quickly to further consolidate the “quartet of responsibilities” and demanded that it adhere to the general policy of “dynamic clearing” and unswervingly follow the “24-hour disposal rule” to find problems, plug loopholes, and prevent new additions, proliferation, and spillovers.

From 15:00 on May 9 to 15:00 on May 10, Beijing added 59 new cases of local new coronary pneumonia virus infection. On May 10, Beijing held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control, stating that the analysis of the epidemic found that individual units had problems in implementing the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to fully implement the “quartet responsibility” of territories, departments, units and individuals, and establish a joint prevention and control system for the whole society.

According to reports, as of 15:00 on May 10, a total of 28 cases of infection have been reported in the data center of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank in Shunyi District, including 24 employees and 4 family members of employees. There are 1,646 people in close contact, and all relevant personnel have been placed under control. No. 239, Dazicaowu Village, Yancun Town, Fangshan District, the site of the existing line renovation project of the Beijing Subway of China Railway 11th Bureau No. 3 Company, 14 employees have been diagnosed positive, Fangshan District urgently activated the emergency plan, and transferred all high-risk personnel as soon as possible to a centralized isolation point.

“The clustered epidemic related to the data center of the Rural Commercial Bank in Shunyi District is currently in the early stage of discovery, and the trajectory of the infected person covers a wide range. It is expected that there may be further cases in the future.” Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “Because of the strong control measures that have been taken, the epidemic situation is generally under control.”

Today, Beijing has put forward four requirements to consolidate the “four-party responsibility” and establish a joint prevention and control system for the whole society: First, territorial responsibility for prevention and control. All districts should implement their territorial responsibilities, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control within their jurisdiction, and ensure that the prevention and control work does not leave dead ends. Second, all relevant departments should do a good job in the prevention and control of the industry and the system according to their respective responsibilities. The third is that the organs, social groups, enterprises, institutions and other organizations within the administrative region of this city shall establish and improve the responsibility system and management system for prevention and control work, and implement various prevention and control measures proposed by the health and health department and the competent industry department. Operators and managers of cultural and entertainment venues, commercial business units, public transportation and other public places or other crowded places shall implement prevention and control measures such as disinfection, ventilation, and code verification of public places and crowded places. Fourth, any individual should assist, cooperate, and obey the prevention and control work organized by government departments, do a good job in self-protection, accept the investigation, sample collection, testing, isolation and treatment of relevant infectious diseases and other preventive and control measures in accordance with the law, and provide relevant information truthfully. Those who refuse to cooperate will bear corresponding legal responsibilities.




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