Liuzhou stinky tofu all suck juice, so ugly and delicious

All the stinky tofu in Liuzhou suck juice, but there are not many on the food street next to our company.

stinky tofu

One afternoon when I came back to the dormitory after get off work, it was already late, but I still wanted to buy some more to satisfy my cravings, so I decided to find a place to sit and wait for the boss to make delicious fried stinky tofu for us. early adopters. of course! For this reason, I deliberately ran out of the factory early, because every time I met her on the road, she would always stop me and say, “Oh, let’s go! It’s only half past five!” So I can only speed up as fast as I can… …

Finally, the two colleagues shuttled through the food stalls looking for the target – the first choice must be the one that looks extremely ugly (although its appearance is really uncomfortable) and has a strange name~~haha… The other three stood around On both sides, I was in charge of detecting the enemy’s situation and reporting to the navigator that I was ready to do something; then I heard a clear and loud shout, “Miss Boss~ Four skewers of chicken wings, twenty skewers of mutton skewers, six corn sausages, eight glasses of orange juice, thank you! “Then, after hearing the news, I rushed into the house to get money to pay the bill, and when I turned around to leave, I found something like a pause for a moment, and suddenly realized like a flash of inspiration: Oh yeah, I forgot to bring the bowls and chopsticks! Oh, hello, what a shame! I hurried back, who knew that all the goods were bagged and collected

stinky tofu

Look at that black, round thing, how could it be captured by me so easily? It turns out that the grilled beef skewers are fixed on the iron stand with bamboo sticks to dry the moisture, and then the rich soup mixed with sauce and prepared garlic is poured. After cooling down and congealing to a golden color, brush the entire tablecloth. , sprinkled with cumin powder and chopped green onion. The most wonderful thing is to bite the skin while it is hot and burst the taste of the pulp! Simply addictive! Immediately afterwards, the girlfriend asked the waiter for a tissue box, and stuffed the rest of the loot into her stomach as much as possible, and couldn’t help but give a thumbs up when she was eloquent, saying:

stinky tofu

After eating the best-selling small portions in this store, I continued to search for new prey, and fixed my eyes on the barbecue area with more decorations. Hey, hidden dragons and crouching tigers are indeed hidden! There are a wide variety of things that you can expect to see, and will definitely tease the nerve cells on the tip of your tongue, such as squid whiskers, cuttlefish baby, pork tendon, fat and thin barbecued pork, vegetable rolls, conch balls, octopus feet, snail slices, green pepper and potato shreds, ham sausage, and leek buns Vegetable scrambled eggs, Maoxuewang, Malatang, etc…all put on the dining table for you to enjoy. What’s more, some recluses and masters who lived in seclusion all the year round came out one after another and rushed to the beach to occupy the positions, selling their signature products and imparting their own secrets, causing many customers to rush to buy. The alternative and funny style of words makes customers’ ears tickle and their hearts warm, and the intertwined and resonant music melody seems to imply that you should pay out of your pocket, otherwise you will miss the opportunity



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