China – The 18 year old girl was killed after a dinner party in the early morning, and the police reported that she had been killed, and the 23-year-old food delivery suspect was arrested

this is a sad news, henan shangqiu 18-year-old girl was killed after a dinner, heartache! spend the same age! at present, the suspect has been caught and hopes to return the girl to justice as soon as possible. 18-year-old girls, in their youth, but suffered from poisonous hands, really can’t believe, the same age is gone, so girls must go out together, no matter where they go, they should report the itinerary with people they are familiar with, do not take the night road, and always be vigilant.

in the early hours of may 9, wang xiao (pseudonym), an 18-year-old girl from shangqiu, henan province, disappeared from a friend after a dinner party. there was no news for several days, and her family was looking for her urgently. on may 17, shangqiu police reported that he had been killed and that the suspect had been captured. at about 1 a.m. on may 9, wang xiao and five friends left early to eat near future international on shenhuo avenue in shangqiu city, and there was no news after that.

from the police notice, it can be seen that xiao wang has returned to his residence, but he was actually killed in his own residence, which is really emotional. the suspect chen mou himself is a burglary, in law, this is a misdemeanor, according to the provisions of the criminal law, burglary, sentenced to imprisonment of not more than three years. if no property or relatively small amount of property is stolen, in the final treatment, even the result of non-prosecution will be obtained.

however, when chen was discovered by xiao wang and killed him, his behavior was too bad. in this case, theft may be transformed into robbery, and since it is a burglary and robbery that causes death, it will face a sentence of imprisonment of more than ten years, life imprisonment or death under the penal code.

will chen’s conduct constitute intentional homicide alone? this depends on whether chen’s theft has been completed, if the theft has been completed, after being discovered by xiao wang, and then a new criminal intention arises, killing xiao wang, this will constitute the crime of theft and intentional homicide, and he must be punished for both crimes.

after that, chen transferred xiao wang’s body, although this was to cover up the evidence of the crime and not let people find it in time, which was an impuntable act after the fact, but this kind of behavior would also be punished heavily in the previous crime, that is, the crime of intentional homicide.

i thought that xiao wang had an accident on the road, but i didn’t expect that i had already returned home, encountered chen mou’s burglary to commit crimes, and transferred xiao wang’s body, especially when xiao wang returned home, he had been followed by chen mou, so was chen mou following xiao wang really to steal her property, or did he have other criminal ideas?

in any case, when entering the neighborhood or walking on the road, you should be vigilant, look back more, avoid someone tailing or once you find someone tailing, pretend to call or go to a crowded place to avoid harm.

therefore, the majority of female friends, must protect themselves, in the evening, it is best not to go out alone, not to mention the early morning drunk state. if you want to go out, you must find someone to accompany you, stay away from the remote and dark areas, take a legally operated vehicle, and inform your family or friends



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