Don’t just make glutinous rice flour dumplings, try these 4 ways, simple and delicious, adults and children like it

I believe that most people have eaten glutinous rice flour. It is a common ingredient in our daily life. The glutinous rice balls we usually eat are made of it. The taste is soft and glutinous, and it is particularly chewy.

When I was young, I could often eat big glutinous rice dumplings made by my grandma. One bite, full of peanut and sesame fillings, fragrant, soft and glutinous, very satisfying!

In fact, glutinous rice flour can not only be used to make glutinous rice balls, but try these 4 ways. There are snacks and staple food soups. They are delicious and satisfy your cravings. If you have extra glutinous rice flour at home, take it out and make it together!

1. Brown sugar glutinous rice cake


Glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, sesame.


1. Pour the glutinous rice flour into a larger container, add an appropriate amount of hot water according to the amount of glutinous rice flour, and knead it into a smooth glutinous rice ball.

2. Knead the glutinous rice balls into long strips, divide them into small pieces with a knife, take out a small dose, first roll it into a circle, and then press it into a circle with the palm of your hand.

3. Drizzle a little oil in the pan, spread the noodles one by one in the pan, and fry until the surface is slightly yellow.

4. Start another pot, add an appropriate amount of water into the pot, pour in the brown sugar, stir with a shovel, wait until the brown sugar is completely melted, put the fried glutinous rice cakes into the pot one by one and boil.

5. After the soup is completely absorbed by the glutinous rice cakes, it can be out of the pot. Finally, sprinkle some sesame seeds to make the taste more fragrant.

2. Pumpkin Pie


Pumpkin, glutinous rice flour, sesame.


1. Clean the pumpkin, peel off the outer skin, clean the pumpkin pulp and cut into pieces.

2. Put the pumpkin in the steamer and steam it over water.

3. Take out the steamed pumpkin, then use a spoon to mash the pumpkin into a puree, save a little pumpkin puree for later use.

4. Add glutinous rice flour to the remaining pumpkin puree, stir together, and knead it into a dough by hand.

5. Take a small piece of dough, roll it into a circle, press it into a nest shape, put in the pumpkin puree, close the mouth and roll it into a circle.

6. Prepare an empty bowl, pour in sesame seeds, gently press the rubbed balls with the palm of your hand, then roll them in the sesame seeds, so that the surface is fully covered with sesame seeds.

7. Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot. When the oil reaches a certain temperature, put it into the pumpkin pie and fry it. When both sides are fried yellow, you can take it out and control the oil.

3. Longan Red Date Ball Soup


Longan, red dates, glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, white sugar, wolfberry, lotus root starch.


1. Peel off the shell of the longan, and wash it with water along with the red dates and wolfberry.

2. Prepare a large bowl, pour glutinous rice flour, add sugar and warm water, stir to form flocculents, and then knead them into balls.

3. Knead the kneaded dough into thin strips, and then divide them into equal small doses.

4. Round all the small doses and form into small balls.

5. Pour clean water into the pot, add red dates and longan and cook first. After cooking, add brown sugar and mix well with a spoon.

6. After the brown sugar is completely dissolved, pour it into a glutinous rice bowl and cook together.

7. At this time, prepare a small bowl, pour lotus root powder, add water to make a paste.

8. After the meat floats in the pot, pour the prepared lotus root juice into the pot and stir with a spoon until the soup is thick, then add the wolf meat and stir a few times until it comes out of the pot.

4. brown candy


Glutinous rice flour, sugar, maltose, sesame.


1. Heat up the pan, pour in the sesame seeds, turn on a low heat, fry the sesame seeds until they are cooked, stir continuously with a shovel until they turn yellow, and put them on a plate.

2. After the sesame seeds are roasted, prepare a large bowl, pour in an appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour, and add water to knead the noodles.

3. Pour a small amount of water into the pot, add oil, sugar and maltose and stir well with a spatula.

4. After they are completely melted, add the rice paste, mix quickly with a spatula, and turn off the heat when it thickens.

5. Pour the cooked rice paste on the freshly toasted sesame seeds, completely cover the surrounding sesame seeds in the glutinous rice paste, smooth it with your hands and let it rest for 2 hours.

6. When the time is up, cut the resulting cake into strips with a knife and roll it out with your hands.



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