One to nourish the liver and kidney, and the other to prevent anemia! In spring, don’t forget to eat it often! Enhance immunity, less sickness

One to nourish the liver and kidney, and the other to prevent anemia! In spring, don’t forget to eat it often! Build up your immune system and get less sick! When spring comes, relatives and friends around you will take advantage of the weekend to go outdoors to enjoy flowers, and you can often see beautiful flowers in the circle. In spring, the weather is getting warmer and everything is recovering, and all kinds of spring vegetables can be seen on the market. Which ingredients to eat in which season, follow the season, will help your health.

Not only that, but in spring, you can also eat some meat. Meat is high in protein, which provides energy for the body. Chicken is a common ingredient at home. The taste of chicken is tender, delicate, nutritious and delicious. Chicken can be boiled in soup, stewed or roasted. Today we will share a delicious chicken recipe. The chicken produced in this way is delicious and delicious. Let’s take a look.

Prepare ingredients:

Chicken, ginger, green garlic, distiller’s grains, salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking oil

specific methods:

1. Cut the prepared chicken into small pieces on the supporting board, and place the cut chicken on the chopping board. Put it in the basin, add water and rinse it off. When washing the chicken, wash it several times to clean it better. After the chicken is washed, take it out and put it in a basin for later use;

2. Wash the ginger and green garlic sprouts in water. The yellow and old leaves of the green garlic seedlings should be removed, and then cut into small pieces, and the garlic seedling stems and leaves should be separated. Finely chop the ginger and set aside;

3. Pour water into the pot, and then pour the washed chicken into the pot. Bring the ingredients in the pot to a boil and blanch the chicken. During the blanching process, the chicken will have some white floating matter, we will fish it out, rinse the blanched chicken with water two or three times, wash the chicken and put it in a basin for later use;

4. Add oil to the pot, pour the ginger into the pot, and fry slowly over low heat. When stir-fried, the ginger will emit a strong fresh fragrance. After the ginger is fried until it is slightly browned and shriveled, we pour in the garlic sprouts, stir fry on a low heat, and then pour in two spoons of white sugar. Sugar can be added according to your favorite sweetness and ingredients. After the white sugar is put into the pot, it is necessary to slowly boil the sugar into syrup with low heat;

5. Then we pour the blanched meat into it, stir fry it with a shovel, and fry evenly. Stir-fry the meat noodles until slightly charred, and fry the skin of the chicken until slightly browned. You can stir-fry the excess fat inside, so that the chicken tastes delicious and smooth, and the taste is particularly good;

After frying, add an appropriate amount of salt, oyster sauce, soy sauce, add two spoons of distiller’s grains, and then use a shovel to fry it evenly, and stir fry a few more times;

After frying, pour in water, the water can slightly cover the ingredients. Put the water in the pot to boil. After the water boils, we will put the ingredients in the casserole and cook slowly for 30 minutes on low heat;

Cook for 25-30 minutes, and the soup inside is almost collected. When you open the pot, you can smell a fragrant smell, which is very pleasant. After boiling the pot, dry the soup inside, then put the prepared garlic leaves inside, put the garlic leaves in, cover the lid and simmer for a minute;

The purpose of stewing is to let the garlic sprouts emit a better taste, just turn off the heat after stewing. Soon, such a distiller’s lees chicken was completed. The chicken tasted in this way was very tender, and the taste was particularly delicious, very tasty.

The color of the distiller’s grains is red, and it penetrates from the surface of the chicken into the meat inside. It tastes like a faint wine aroma, which is particularly refreshing, and the taste of the chicken produced in this way will be relatively delicate, not too dry.

Chicken is rich in protein, amino acids, and other trace elements, and it has a good nourishing effect on people with relatively weak constitutions. Eating some chicken properly at ordinary times has the benefits of nourishing blood, energy and essence, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Chicken is also relatively easy for the human body to digest, which can reduce the burden on the liver and has a certain effect on protecting the liver and kidneys. You must not miss this recipe of chicken. It is really never tired of eating. After eating it once, I want to eat it for the second time. Our family often uses chicken to make it like this, and the family loves to eat it after it is out of the pan.


1. The chicken should be blanched in a pot, so that the blanched chicken will be stewed with fresh fragrance and no fishy smell. The chicken should be stir-fried in the pan first to remove the fat from its skin, and the taste will be refreshing and delicious;

2. The soul of this dish is the distiller’s grains. Braised chicken with distiller’s grains is really delicious. Someone asked, will it have a strong wine smell if it is stuffed like this? In fact, it is not. When the alcohol encounters high temperature, the smell has almost dissipated. There is only a delicate fragrance, which is very pleasant.

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