Is the shrimp head part “shit” or “yellow”? Many people have made a mistake, don’t be stupid and don’t know!

Is the shrimp head part “shit” or “yellow”? Many people get it wrong, don’t be stupid and don’t know! When I think of seafood, besides being expensive, it is hard to eat. Due to the wide variety of seafood, the body structure is also very different from that of land creatures, so each seafood has its own way of eating. Many seafoods are delicious and have very high nutritional value. Take shrimp, for example. Tens of thousands of different species of shrimp are eaten here every year. Most gourmets love their fine meat and delicious taste. The price of shrimp is also relatively close to the people, and ordinary families can afford it. Every time I eat shrimp, someone will ask, what is that yellow thing on the shrimp head? really sucks?

The correct answer is that it’s not poop at all. In fact, it’s only found in female shrimp. Shrimp ovaries, commonly known as “yellow”, are usually in the part where the head of the shrimp connects to the body. Crab roe is a concept. It’s delicious and hard to come across. If you come across it, don’t throw it away. It is the essence of after-dinner!

Most people eat shrimp for the first time. If they don’t see the shrimp turning yellow, they will definitely feel disgusted, and even want to throw the shrimp away. But don’t be stupid, you can judge by the way you eat, friends one by one devour. It’s not shrimp poop, it’s the whole essence. One sip feels like life has reached its peak.

The yellow beautiful shrimp is so tempting that anyone who has eaten it can’t stop. Do not throw away the yellow shrimp. The loss of deliciousness and nutrition is not worth the loss. Of course, you have to distinguish clearly where you can eat and where you can’t. Shrimp brain and shrimp string are two substances that cannot be eaten. It can be removed first when making it, and the taste is better.

Eating shrimp healthy takes some skill. The black substance in the shrimp brain is inedible and must be removed. Shrimp fibers attached to the shrimp brains are also removed. There was a lot of shrimp poo on it. Even if the damage is small, it will greatly affect the taste, so don’t eat it. Cut off the connection between the head and the body, squeeze the shrimp brain, and pull out the shrimp string. Another method that can be easily removed is to use a toothpick to pick out the shrimp threads at the second and third joints.

You can eat shrimp heads, but that doesn’t mean you can eat anything. Delicious shrimp roe is not the “bullshit” that everyone thinks. It is the essence of food. Black and white shrimp brains are inedible shrimp meat, you can eat delicious shrimp. Don’t be so stupid that you don’t know how to eat. After reading today’s article, you have to be a knowledgeable foodie so that you won’t be laughed at.



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