Game BuildTopia

Game BuildTopia
Publisher NetEase
Genre Survival
Size 1.7GB
Latest Version 2.1.10
Update March 31, 2019 (2 years ago)

BuildTopia – The common ground now examines battleground-style games that are still loved by many gamers and selected on many different platforms. And besides, my brother is a genre of survival game that many people care about. They are dominating all of the most actively exploited game markets and game producer Netease is from China.

If you are interested, you can find a lot of this type of product released by this publisher has been released to the market. All of them are famous and bring a tremendous amount of revenue. But the ambition of this publisher never stops; they continuously offer new products to serve players around the world. Therefore, the experience of gamers has always been renewed, “BUILDTOPIA” is a newly released product in early 2019. It carries in me a way to play with meaningful coordination between Minecraft’s action and photo action gameplay. Right now you can download it for free on China’s largest game download page, or get a Mod version right on our website.

According to the comment that the publisher Netease self-evaluates, this will be a real-time shooting sports game with beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. “Qingxing Valley” will be the place where players play war officially. All your opponents are players around the world, put into a large general map to compete with each other, choose who is the best builder and fighter.


BUILDTOPIA still follows the classic gameplay of Minecraft which means they will have to build everything from the base. However, there are still some differences that the material will be easily found, so the pace of the game will be pushed up much faster. After you’ve collected enough resources, return to the place where you think it is safe to establish your own projects. These buildings are the main players in the game because it helps you to be safe before the enemy. In addition to making sure that players will live longer, these works are also an essential element for you to create a strategy. Convenient terrain, high skill players, and the last missing item is a weapon. The number of materials you earn most will be used to build the building and don’t forget to divide apart to make weapons.

Players will have to plunge into the battlefield to show their talents, defend the base, retaliate and make sure that they will not be destroyed. The guns that you use in the game are incredibly diverse and fun. Besides, there will be handy props that you should choose and promote all their features. Combining with your shooting skills will definitely lead to a victory.

In the newly updated version, players will be able to participate in the “Frontier of the fortress: Destruction and Creation” mode which will start opening on 10 March 29. In fact, this is just an experimental mode, so players should not put too much of their effort into this mode. But it is certain that the war in it will be so fierce.


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