Game Bungo Stray Dogs: Mayoiinu Kaikitan

Game Bungo Stray Dogs: Mayoiinu Kaikitan
Publisher Ambition co.,ltd.
Genre RPG
Size 60M
Latest Version 1.1.4
Get it On Google Play
Update July 18, 2018 (3 years ago)

Mayoiinu Kaikitan is an engaging role-playing game released by Ambition ltd – a favourite studio with a variety of free mobile games like Animal Boyfriend, Love Heaven, Avatar Mate, and Dream Boyfriend -Astral. Days. Bungo Stray Dogs: Mayoiinu Kaikitan is a game inspired by anime and manga series of the same name. If you have read or seen the Bungo Stray Dogs, then you will enjoy the game because in the game you will see many familiar characters.

The story revolves around Nakajima Atsushi, an unfortunate boy who lives in an orphanage, but even the orphans leave him. He did not know where to go for nothing to eat while standing on the brink of death he was rescued by a man named Dazai Osamu. He then joined the detective team to investigate mysterious cases a few miles away. In the Bungo Stray Dogs: Mayoiinu Kaikitan players will meet many familiar characters such as Atsushi Nakajima, Osamu Dazai, Izumi Kyoka, Doppo Kunikida, Rampo Edogawa, Junichiro Tanizaki, Kenji Miyazawa, Naomi Tanizaki, Akiko Yusano, Yukichi Fukuzawa. All of these characters will face a vicious mafia topped by the horns of Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Chuya Nakahara, Motojiro Kajii, Ichiyou Higuc.

Mayoiinu Kaikitan is quite simple; players will control their characters to fight the mafia side of the opposite. Each character has its strength but will not be so different from the manga and anime version. Also, players must look for more colorful pearls for extra strength. Try to earn as many jades as possible as it will give your battle a lot of advantages. Regarding graphics, Bungo Stray Dogs: Mayoiinu Kaikitan APK owns a professional 3D graphics platform. Also, all the characters are redesigned with cute chibi styles, unlike what we see in the anime and manga versions. However, the difference is negligible; players will still see the most characteristic of the character you love.

Just after the official release on December 14th, the game has achieved incredible success with up to 50,000 downloads in 24 hours plus more than 600 positive reviews on the game. This is also evident when the number of pre-registered players reaches 300000. Bungo Stray Dogs: Mayoiinu Kaikitan does not play too unusual but very attractive players. Just fight, just have to think to be able to make accurate decisions. If you are a fan of this famous comic book by Asagiri Kafuka, what are you waiting for, do not download this game right away and immerse yourself in a world full of mysteries?

Currently, the game has been released for free on the Google Play app marketplace, but only those in Japan can experience the game first. Luckily we have the APK file for this game and will provide the download path below to you. Have fun and do not visit our site ModDroid daily to receive the latest games.

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