Game Grand Crime Gangster

Game Grand Crime Gangster
Publisher CanaryDroid
Genre Action
Size 48M
Latest Version 1.10
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
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OS Games Android

For lovers who feel like an adventure and experience strange feelings, perhaps the GTA open world game series is no stranger. GTA has a development history of more than 20 years; this game is also associated with the childhood of many people. And sometimes, you want to go back to your childhood with this game; Grand Crime Gangster is an excellent choice for you. Many people say that Grand Crime Gangster is a copy of GTA. How bad it is to learn about the story and gameplay.

The story

Grand Crime Gangster is set in San Andreas, a city famous for being home to many gangs, corruption and violence. The story of this game revolves around the life of a criminal who has just escaped from prison. Previously, he was arrested in an opium trade deal. Although he was arrested and imprisoned, his boss murdered his whole family, because he thought his reputation was affected. Too resentful of these things, he is determined to escape the prison and aspire to create his gang to take revenge. But things aren’t that easy.

Escape from the jail to clear your name from a crime you didn’t commit

In this game, you will play the role of a criminal who has just escaped and started building his gang of gangsters at San Andreas. To do this, you will have to fight against gangsters and annoying FBI police trying to stop you. You will engage in missions against all the other gangs to take control of the areas of the city. However, their forces are vast, so you need to have advance character control skills, and you need to pick up weapons on the ground to attack them. Not only that, but the Grand Crime Gangster also has a lot of facilities for you to use. You can climb a tank, then use guns to shoot enemies, or stab them easily. There are many weapons and support facilities like that, and you don’t need to worry about the presence of the police anymore.

Grand Crime Gangster has many levels, each time you complete a stage, the new level will appear, you will get to new areas, confront new challenges. Regarding the control mechanism, you will control the character from the 3rd perspective, similar to GTA. The system provides you with a fairly intuitive interface; you can perform the skills of moving, jumping, shooting, avoiding with the buttons on the screen.


Grand Crime Gangster’s background is built on a pretty and realistic 3D graphics. The cityscape or characters are designed in detail, and selected in subtle tones, creating a fairly bright landscape. At the same time, this 3D graphics background also depicts the bustling city life, underground activities, crimes and dramatic confrontations of criminals. A free game has these things, indeed very little. Don’t miss Grand Crime Gangster

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