Game Last World

Game Last World
Publisher iDreamSky
Genre Survival
Size 150MB
Latest Version 1.0.2
MOD Info Full
Get it On Google Play
Update August 7, 2018 (3 years ago)

If one day you wake up and find out that the life on earth is engulfed by deadly cataclysms, scary zombies and only you survive, what will you do? Perhaps you will imagine the prospect of taking guns to fight the zombies and begin the journey to save the world of the whole human race like science fiction films? Too excited? You will be testing it right in the game Last World with much more advanced functions. This game is under the copyright of iDreamSky, the owners of such famous names as Army Of Allies, Heroes Never Die and Heroes and Castle that you may know. And now, I find out what the content of the Last World is all about.


The story of the Last World takes place in the future 2030, the year of the pandemic. Humans are at risk of extinction by the appearance of a virus, which invades humans and turns them into bloodthirsty zombies. Fortunately, once you break into a science lab, you accidentally get infected with an immune system and fight off the invasion of the virus. Now, with only you, you have to do everything to survive and fight the dying world.

How to play

What do you do with the Last World? This is probably a question that many people are pondering, so please answer me. In this game, players need to use weapons to fight the zombies, building works, looking for food to survive. Initially, the player is provided with an ax, then quickly search for materials such as wood, stone, metal, meat, etc. to begin building shelter and fabrication work. necessary equipment. Please note that equipment is essential for players to survive in a dangerous environment full of zombies and zombies. Guns, bombs, bows, or biological weapons are included in this game, each with its own strengths and features that players can explore.


The context of the game is set in a vast landscape, like the forests and wilderness. The main color is dark, evoking the gloomy, cold and a bit scary. Besides, the items are designed in great detail, from color, material to real shadows, players will be brought to a whole new world. In addition, the sound of the game is simply designed quite quiet, only includes the noise generated by the player when moving, exploiting raw materials or shooting guns when fighting zombies.


Instead of spending a fortune, stressful times or fatigue, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle on your phone. With the criteria for player satisfaction on top, you will enjoy the game from the publisher iDreamSky. Challenge is waiting for you Last World MOD, please join soon.

MOD: Coming soon

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